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Computer gaming at a great price: the hardware operations on the network

Take advantage of the opportunity to purchase mobile gaming with a hexagonal processor and a GeForce GTX 1060 card at a discount of $ 200 from the standard price - and ultra-large microSD cards

Upgrading to Luxury: HP introduces the fourth generation of the EliteBook x360

The popular hybrid business of the American manufacturer will now come with ever brighter screens and NVMe drives in increased volumes

Dynamic memories and SSD drives: Network hardware operations

Get Samsung's renowned 970 EVO drive at the lowest price to date - and ultra-high-quality DDR4 memory at no VAT

Best kept to the end: Introducing the 16 monster to the home market, the Ryzen 9 3950X

AMD's press conference at E3 ended in fireworks as the most monstrous processor for the AM4 chassis

Meet the new Radeon gaming team

The E3 conference began and AMD is holding its next Next Horizon Gaming event with new hardware. Let's get to know the very promising screen cards on the way

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The Threadripper processor family is not going anywhere

Although the launch plans for 2019 were rejected - AMD makes it clear that the HEDT series of home processors will still make its comeback

New juicy hardware deals on the web

Fast NVM drives, an AMD Pentium processor and great Corsair DDR4 memories are waiting for the quickest among you

Water cooling for the masses: Corsair enters the do-it-yourself world

The popular hardware and peripherals company is finally launching self-assembly water cooling products

Powerful power around the corner: Ryzen bin 16 processor cores were observed in Computex

Although the central stage has not been officially announced, it seems that a home processor for the masses with a record number of processing cores is indeed in existence and on its way to the market

Great power for laptops - Ice Lake at 10 nm smiles for camera

Intel at Computex 2019: Here are the generation of 10 nanometer processors that will be launched this summer for lightweight laptops - Meet the Ice Lake

New era in storage: Corsair introduces an SSD drive that supports PCI-Express 4.0

The new Force MP600 model will use Phison's new generation controller to deliver transmission speeds of up to 5,000 megabytes per second

Meet the Gigabyte monsters for the AMD X570 platform

Motherboard maker Gigabyte unveils interesting motherboards for AMD's AM4 chassis in X570 chipset

Hurry to buy: Fresh hardware deals in Amazon

Today's deals at the huge online store include a variety of storage products at great prices as always

AMD's Year: Introducing the new gaming processors, led by the dreaded Ryzen 9 3900X

The Sunvale chip developer is unveiling what may be its most significant leap against Intel for about a decade and a half - with a new and powerful series of processors for the familiar AM4

Meet MSI's most interesting motherboards - for the New Age Ryzen processors

The renowned motherboards manufacturer introduces an uncompromising advanced line of motherboards based on the X570 chipset - for the arrival of the latest AMD processors

Another fall for Bethesda? The recent action game is disappointing in reviews

Rage 2 was supposed to be a brilliant open world version of Doom - but in practice, not everyone is excited about the final product, which has lower averages than its predecessor