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More surprises at Galaxy S10: reverse wireless charging and a new generation of Wi-Fi

Samsung's flagship devices are not getting off the headlines - and will contain a number of other technologies that can not be found anywhere else

Too good to be true? Updated Xperia XZ4 Specification (updated)

Recent reports predict a particularly impressive battery capacity and photographic sensor for Sony's flagship, which will probably be unveiled at the end of the month

Catch Me If You Can: The performance of the Radeon VII is revealed

AMD has been able to create impressive and advanced models with respect to all that preceded them - and at the same time disappointing

Amazon introduces SSDs at prices not to be missed (updated)

In a traditional 2.5-inch configuration or in a reduced M.2 configuration and in SATA or NVMe - Amazon has impressive performance prices for a variety of fast storage drives now

High-quality gaming packages at a minimal price, now at the Humble Bundle

Strategy games are invested on the one hand, and indie games are prominent for the PlayStation 4 consoles on the other side,

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Cheaper and more expensive: The price of the Galaxy S10 devices receives additional verification

A Twitter leaked revealed the six versions of Samsung's flagship models - including the price tags designed in the Netherlands and the different shades expected in each sub-model

LG's surprise: two flagship devices at once

The company's V-brand may return to center stage earlier than expected and serve as the first 5G - alongside the G8

New fashion? Large distributors and dedication Denuvo defenses are gradually playing

Two prominent titles were released from the controversial file protection, some time after they had been hacked and pirated

Ready to launch: Samsung's folding smartphone is featured in the commercial

Will folding screens be the highlight of the MWC 2019 exhibition? This seems like a very sensible option

Free game, races, battles and more: Steam weekend specials

Come and get the horror-adventure game Kholat completely free and celebrate the upcoming launch of the game Dirt Rally 2.0 with a lot of juicy discounts

Assassin's Creed is free, now in the uPlay store

Let's take advantage of China's new Lunar New Year celebrations, even if you do not really know what it's all about

The stock war of AMD and NVIDIA

The market value of the green chip developer is cut with a warning about reduced revenues, while that of the red competitor continues to rise as part of another qualitative quarter and positive news

Stay behind? Samsung will offer only 15 watts on the Galaxy S10

Samsung's new models are expected to surprise performance and volume of memory - but at the same time are expected to maintain only moderate and moderate charging capabilities

Watch: Dragon Ball Z's new incarnation

After the success of the last title-based battle title last year - it seems that the year 2019 will try to expand the supply in the gaming world with Project Z

NVM drives are down to the lowest levels ever

The latest models from Micron and Intel are available in price tags that may also cause simple SSD drives in the SATA interface to turn white

The RTX 2060 effect? Prices are cut to video cards in the middle market

Perhaps this is the impact of the launch of the most accessible Turing model to date, and perhaps not - but in online hardware stores you can now find very interesting deals for video cards designed for the masses