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Recent Hours: Amazon Electronics Deals

The ninth day of the chain's twelve days of dealings includes some interesting opportunities to innovate and be promoted

Snapdragon 855: All future technologies in one place

The Snapdragon 855 is already here, with a set of advanced technologies that make it one of the most ambitious products in the history of Qualcomm

Fracture, Next Generation: The first images of the Galaxy S10

Samsung's flagship may be perfecting the Infinity-O technology with a hole in the display for a pair of front cameras, which is already splitting fans around the network

The biggest trailer in history and the trolling of DDPOL

The first trailer of Avengers: Endgame officially became, as expected, the peak of popularity in 24 its first hours - and there is also a surprising wink from DDPOL,

Another opportunity: NVMe drives fast at impressive prices

Operations on hardware products continue to reach us - this time in both Newegg and Amazon stores

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Intel is preparing Glacier Falls: the next upgrade in HEDT

The leaked documentation that provided us with preliminary details about the AMD X570 also provides us with the name of a new intriguing chipset from Intel

Only today: Comprehensive media operations in Amazon, USA

The days of operations of the huge store on the network reach the point of relevance and most interesting for hardware enthusiasts - do not miss it

More Cheap Games: Meet the new packages of Humble Bundle (updated)

Race titles, strategy, platform and simulation await you together for a total price of less than NIS 40

Core Turing At its peak: Meet the Titan RTX

NVIDIA introduces one of the only models in the environment that also makes GeForce RTX 2080 Ti pale in comparison to it - in all shapes and categories

Start the countdown: AMD's next generation CPU will be displayed in Computex

Zen 2 cores, a new chipset called X570 and support for new PCI-Express 4.0 drives - the programs of the red chip developer for the near future are being exposed

Fifth generation premiere: Qualcomm's flagship chip will be unveiled today

Prepare for the arrival of the Snapdragon 8150 in question - which will actually get the model name Snapdragon 855

Amazon's hardware campaigns return for another round

Have you missed? Today you have more to get video cards and peripherals at amazing prices at the huge online store

Intel will offer 10 processors cores to the masses even before switching to 10 nm? (Updated)

It is very difficult to find Intel's latest eight-core processors in stores - but the manufacturer may already be in the process of developing a new and larger generation

Next expensive thing: Titan RTX (updated: there is a launch and there is a price)

Various teasers that have been distributed on a regular basis in the network point to the next product that NVIDIA will launch - and we are even afraid to try and guess its intended price

Lenovo is inadvertently unveiling Intel's next generation of mobile processors

The ninth generation will come to the mobile market as a replacement for the Whiskey Lake models that have just begun to appear in stores