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    No time for gaming: Sony rejects the big PlayStation 5 event

    The tense situation in Uncle Sam's country and the continuation of the Corona crisis were decisive together - Sony announces a rejection of the event that was ...

    Premium Minus: Updated Pixel 5 Approach

    Google's next leading smartphone will not try to compete with the most luxurious Samsung and Apple models, it seems -

    Other gaming hits get rid of file protections

    Metro: Exodus and Prey land in the GOG store, for the first time without Denuvo's technologies - right into the venture…

    A new name in the business, with familiar technology: ADATA leaps into the world of laptops

    Introducing XPG XENIA - The First Gaming Mobile Carrying the ADATA Gaming Brand Name, Assisted by Reference Design…

    Eight cores and 300 Hz: Razer introduces an important update to its largest mobile devices

    The Razer Blade Pro 17 family has also been refreshed for the New Year, with NVIDIA's leading updated graphics card…

    Mr. Mayor - The addictive management game Cities: Skylines in an amazing package

    The new offer on the Humble Bundle site is for anyone who misses the glamor of the SimCity series - and would like to receive the…

    AMD's New Artists: Roadmaps by 2022 on the Web

    New juicy rumors purport to provide us with initial details of the company's plans in the world of processors beyond the Ryzen 4000

    Contracting Astronauts: A New Huge Landmark for Eilon Musk and SpaceX

    For the first time since 2011, humans took off into space from the United States - and it happened for the first time ...

    Free games everywhere - for both consoles and PCs

    Sony and Microsoft unveil their offering for the coming month as part of the monthly subscription they offer to fans - and there are also…

    PlayStation 4's biggest hits at the lowest prices to date

    Sony's World Days of Play venture returns for another year, including in Israel - with very ...
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