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Next in line: Huawei's folding smartphone is delayed again

A few months after the updated Galaxy Fold, the Chinese manufacturer's innovative flagship product will arrive - and there are even plans for an heir on the horizon

On the way to Israel? The cheapest Snapdragon 855 smartphone of landings arrives in Europe

The Redmi 9T Pro model, also known as the Redmi K20 Pro and offers a rare benefit ratio - on its way to European markets and probably to Israel as well

EBay Indulgence: 10 Discount Shopping Percentage

The online platform allows you to enjoy a nice discount on buying 10 dollars or more

Five New Billionaires: Disney's Peak 2019 Record

Mouse studios continue to break every possible record in Hollywood and now make five different titles that crossed $ 1 billion each on the big screen - with two more likely to reach the end of the year

Zombies and Soldiers at Unmatched Price: The Gamble Bundles at Humble Bundle

ARMA series games return for another round of the popular online venture as they reinforce the full version of DayZ - and there are other trivia games and other interesting surprises

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WD External Hard Drive 4 Hard Drive - at unbeatable price

After the wonderful opportunity to get a decent hard drive at a great price from Seagate, you have an equal opportunity to be renewed with a competitive and high quality Western Digital product

The deal is the most equal of all? 64GB of quality DDR4 memories at a tremendous price (updated)

Need a massive volume of dynamic memory in your system? This Amazon offer is definitely for you

Coming soon: 7 GB SSDs per second

Phison gives us a glimpse into the next generation of its SSD controllers, with performance that sounds almost fanciful

Gigabyte's first Radeon RX 5700 XT model was unveiled on Amazon

The long-awaited launches of unique versions of AMD Navi cards are fast approaching, and the first triple-cooled model even gets an early price tag in the online giant store

The Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy Note 10 Plus have arrived: upgrade with drawbacks

Samsung has launched its new pablet models with updated rectangular design - and some puzzling decisions that make the standard model pale in front of its big brother

Storage Madness - The new drive that gets the most out of PCI-Express 4.0 technology

A company called Liqid utilizes eight recent Phison controllers to provide us with a product capable of reaching 24 GB speeds

New AMD and NVIDIA video cards at surprising prices

The British pound rate against the Israeli shekel continues to shrink - giving the opportunity to regenerate AMD Navi cards at decidedly price tags

Cheapest to date: 4 Terabyte External Hard Drive at no VAT (updated)

Seagate mechanical drive is available for purchase for less than NIS 300 - and you should hurry before the inventory is hijacked

Get to know Razer's new-old mouse

One of the early popular models of the gaming company comes back to life with featherweight

The performance, prices, and disappearance of the headphones: all details on Galaxy Note 10 (updated)

Samsung's launch event is fast approaching - and, as is usually the case, the widespread leaks will make it difficult for the giant company to surprise us on the big stage under the spotlight

Coming soon: New AMD gaming cards for the high market

The chip development CEO has confirmed that the Navi family will be expanding soon - with more powerful models that can finally pressure the competitor