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That's how celebrating a true birthday: Unreal original free

Epic Games' famous brand was founded two decades ago - and now you can add it to your collection at no cost, just in the next 24 hours

The Avengers destroyed the Black Panther

A dream opening in the Chinese market allowed the Infinite War to become 2018's most successful film so far

Steam's big summer promotions get a date

Want to buy new digital games for your collection? It may be wise to wait until 21 in June before you choose

Remember her? Blackberry battle against the whole world

Blackberry began a campaign of claims (some would say absurd) against Facebook and against Sanpechet. Who will be next?

The world from the point of view of the dog - sponsored by Google

Google is not satisfied with cars and people who will go around and document the world for its Street View service, and decided to send dogs to the mission

Facebook users again prove they are stupid

Over the past few days, Facebook has been running a status that calls on users to write "BFF" in response to whether their profile is "protected" or hacked. Many users have collaborated with the stupid status

Freelancers at age 3: 60 + provide services through the Internet

The world of work is moving towards an economy that is more based on freelance workers, and this model also draws the third generation

New research says: Women are better than men in shopping

Happy Woman's Day: A study done on the basis of data from 66 A million customers at large online shopping sites have found that women are better at shopping online than men

A chapter from Black Mirror becomes a disturbing reality

The fans of the television series "Black Mirror", which deals with a somewhat pessimistic view of the future of humanity in a technologically advanced world, are troubled by a sensational discovery - one of the episodes of the series is about to become a reality in China

Tens of millions of songs for listening: Spotify in Israel

The biggest streaming audio service ever begins to operate in the Holy Land officially, at last

The world's largest television receives a release date

Samsung's revolutionary development, named "The Wall", will be available for the rich from August

Available now: These are the prices of the Galaxy S9 in Israel

Samsung's new smartphones have already been sold in stores throughout the Holy Land - these are official prices

Who is responsible for the shooting attacks on Google and Apple employees?

In recent months, the technology giants of Google and Apple have been "rewarded" for shooting with an air rifle from an unknown victim

Watch and decide: Galaxy S9 + Pixel Front 2 XL and the iPhone X among the great cameras

At the end of last year, everyone was talking about the camera on the new 2 camera phone from Google, and compared it to the camera on the iPhone X and the camera on Samsung's S8. A few days ago, Samsung announced its new Galaxy S9 +, claiming it had "reinvented" the camera. So how does he deal with existing competitors? Watch the video comparison and decide:

Earlier than expected: the Galaxy Note 9 first appeared in the performance test

Samsung is not waiting for the official launch of the Galaxy S9 and is already looking at the next model, it seems

Watch: The first smartphone with a fingerprint scanner inside the screen survives with dignity

The world's first smartphone with a biometric scanner embedded in the display was tested for toughness on the YouTube star who specializes in it,

Happy Purim: Minister of Education Naftali Bennet disguised himself as a navigator

In honor of Purim, which is being celebrated these days, Minister of Education Naftali Bennet contributed his voice to the popular navigation application Waze, as did other celebrities in the past

Apple admits: iCloud is found at Google

A Chappel file updated on its site last month provides the first acknowledgment that it relies on Google Cloud Services to store data for its iCloud services

Galaxy S9 launch video leaked (updated: official announcement record is already here)

Hours before the unpacked event of Samsung, which will officially unveil its new Galaxy S9 - the official launch video of the launch leaked to the network. View:

Can you recognize the game from its disqualification screen?

Are the GAME OVER screens of these classic games familiar to you? Test yourself!

Want half a million social networking followers, and for free?

Want to get half a million followers on the social networks, totally free and with the click of a button? 8 apps promise you this and can be downloaded at the official Google store

8 Tips to keep your privacy online

Nowadays there seems to be no pinch of privacy on the Internet, anyone can easily get personal information about us and publicize it. But there are still some simple tips that can keep the little privacy we have left.

Addicts: So our smartphones make us look

An American photographer named Eric Pickersgill noticed that we became addicts to technology in general, and to a smartphone in particular. In a special project he decided to show us how much

3D printers in the service of ... Turtle

Freddy, a Brazilian tortoise, was caught in a fire that almost destroyed his armor. But a team of highly creative doctors decided not to give it up.

The strangest images captured on Google Street View

We know how amazing Google Street View is, which allows us to enjoy free of charge from a virtual journey all over the world. What you may not know is that you can also see some of the most frightening, strange, funny and shocking images recorded in those places