A chapter from Black Mirror becomes a disturbing reality

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The fans of the television series "Black Mirror", which deals with a somewhat pessimistic view of the future of humanity in a technologically advanced world, are troubled by a sensational discovery - one of the episodes of the series is about to become a reality in China

This episode is called 'Nosedive', and is the first episode in the third season of the series. It describes a disturbing reality about how we use social networks, and presents our exaggerated obsession with "leaks" and popularity on the Web. The chapter presents a reality where people rank each other after each interaction between them, when each person's ranking can affect his life in the real world significantly.

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In the chapter we meet a young woman with an average social rating who is trying to push her ranking higher so that she can afford a better life, and specifically - the purchase of an apartment available only to those with a very high rating.

Unfortunately, following a sequence of random events the ranking of the injured has dropped to a low point, and it has undergone a nervous breakdown.

Today it seems that this digital nightmare can become a reality for the people of China. The Chinese government is currently building a social credit rating to test the credibility of its citizens, with plans to fully implement the system already in 2020.

According to the sources who revealed the story, the residents of the country will receive a "score" that can range from 350 to 950 when it comes up if they do good deeds such as donating blood, giving charity, recycling or .... In a very puzzling way ... Writing positive messages about the country on social networks.

On the other hand, if any of the residents will do something that is considered bad, such as canceling an order he made, writing an honest review of a product or service, or ... as you understand ... If God forbid he writes something bad about the state on the social network,

In return, and just like in the episode of the successful television series, people with high ratings will enjoy real benefits - such as Cheaper, free subscriptions to the room , And even shorter waiting times in hospitals! People with low scores on the other hand may be subject to travel restrictions, restricted access to certain restaurants, and even restrictions on the speed of the Internet available to them.

what do you think? Think it's a good idea? Bad? Would you like to see him in Israel too? Share us in comments!

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