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The Avengers destroyed the Black Panther

A dream opening in the Chinese market allowed the Infinite War to become 2018's most successful film so far

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Black Panther was 2018's most successful movie until a few days ago, and a notable gap especially from any other work that came to the big screen - but The next film in the universe of Marvel and the third in the Avengers' Saga It took only three weeks to overtake him with a light jump and to officially become one of the five Hollywood filmmakers of all time, with great potential to continue climbing the rankings.

An opening weekend in China with revenues of about $ 200 million joining global revenues of about $ 400 million worldwide has brought the Infinite War to 1.6 billion in total, with the likelihood that sooner or later it will also see a break of 2 billion The dollar it had gained only three Different in the past.

The Chinese, like the rest of the world, very much like the cooperation between all the Marvell and Disney film heroes

No matter how you spin it, it's another real celebration of studios , Which is fast approaching 4 billion in 2018 revenue - and we haven't even reached half!

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