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Durable, but not invincible: Watch the Galaxy S10 survives intentional abuse

The YouTube channel JerryRigEverything provided us with one of the first tough tests for Samsung's new flagship - with a lot of positive news

Tough or soft: the embarrassment of the Redmi Note 7

A series of viral videos designed to illustrate the physical durability of the new middle model did not impress the most famous smartphone examiner on YouTube

The flexible screens continue to ignite the imagination

ZTE's Nubia brand offers one of the most surprising concepts at MWC 2019 - a great smart clock that is also a smartphone

The surprise of OnePlus: An 5G device in a hiding place

The popular young brand also came to the MWC 2019 exhibition - with a next-generation device that will include an extremely long screen inside a dedicated chassis that does not reveal the full picture

Samsung Introduces: The Smartphone That Does not Need Words

A fresh, almost silent commercial offers us another opportunity to get a close look at the Galaxy Fold

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NISNXX and above: The Galaxy S3,000 will arrive in Israel next week

The aggressive marketing system is already at its peak, and early orders for the NIS 99 advance have already begun - from the beginning of next week we will be able to find Samsung's new triad on the store shelves

Israeli Technology Inside: Oppo Unveils Up to 10 Smartphone with No Loss of Quality

The next technological development of the Chinese manufacturer will come to the market as a real product in the second quarter of 2019

Go for the jackpot: Huawei will unveil a collapsible 5G smartphone

Posters hung in the final preparations for the MWC conference in Barcelona reveal the mysterious Mate X - folding backwards to the Samsung Galaxy Fold

Xumi introduces: new chips, winking prices

The official announcement of the Mi 9 gives us lower price tags than expected - and another model with first use of Snapdragon 712

All the details about Samsung's innovative smartphones

The first smart folding device is the one that leads the attack for the Korean manufacturer for the current year

Race to the fifth generation

The modular addition that will transform the Z3 into a device with 5G capabilities stops in the American regulatory body in the way of formal launch

Just before the announcement: Familiarity with the wireless headset and the new watch from Samsung

Do you want a bright yellow headset or a pink smart watch? Samsung is here to fulfill your dream

Samsung Unveils Samsung to Release Flag Device Simultaneously with Galaxy S10 (Updated)

The February 20 will give us not only a range of high-end Samsung models - but also an official unveiling of the promising Mi 9

Worker Hero: Moto G7 Power Brilliant in battery life

Lenovo's new midrange uses the 720p and the small Snapdragon 632 chip - but in return provides the most impressive battery life

Samsung Aspire: A tablet with four speakers and an AMOLED screen

A few days before the new smartphones - we get the Korean manufacturer an official announcement of tablets for 2019