about the site

We have established this site,
Because we're crazy.
On technology, computers and cellular. is the largest and leading computer, technology and hardware site in Israel since 2001. The site gives its users extensive and in-depth information about the computer market in Israel, both from the technical point of view, both from a professional and business point of view and from a consumer perspective.

It all started in two thousand.
Yes, in those days when the Internet connection was through the line of the home phone and the most advanced cell phone offered the possibility to play Snake in black and white.
The excitement of the early days of the Internet, the feeling that a technological revolution was about to happen, the knowledge that all of us were about to join amazing innovations-all these kept us awake at night.

Get to know each product, any hardware, any software, any model, any interface - this obsession has brought us to a state where we had a lot of knowledge we wanted to share with others.

We launched the site and very quickly more and more friends joined it. We found out that we are not alone, there are tens and hundreds of thousands of other people in Israel who carry the exact same bacterium. But not only them - a variety of surfers, smart consumers and computer controllers in organizations and companies have joined the site and started spreading the rumor.

The largest in the country
So we added more writers, and started writing about more and more areas, with the same enthusiasm that we have from day one.
We grew up over time, and today our site is the largest in Israel.

Not only news and reviews, we soon discovered that the members who enter the site become a real community where friends exchange opinions and ideas and know new people. Long before the era of social networking, we have created a vibrant, vibrant community.

We write to addicts in the field, but also for those who do not live the matter and enter the site to get help, purchase recommendations, good advice - and need useful, responsible and appropriate information.

Our goal
To give you the best quality information there is.
Be useful to you. Help you understand. Always be first.

we are not
We are not connected to any commercial entity.
We do not hire people who are not excited about it.
We do not write anything that we do not believe in wholeheartedly.
Our professional truth is the only thing we bring to the site.

Always on the way to the next version
In the world of technology at any moment something new and interesting has been born.
Therefore, we are here to activate the imagination and find ways to make the site better for you every day.
We love innovations, have we said?

Team HWzone


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