Advertise with us is the largest and leading computer, technology and hardware site in Israel since 2001. The site gives its users extensive and in-depth information about the computer market in Israel, both from the technical point of view, both from a professional and business point of view and from a consumer perspective.
HWzone manages to integrate various types of users on one site in the Israeli network - smart consumers who are involved in the leading technology and form the public opinion, responsible for computing and IT in organizations and companies, employees and engineers from the high-tech industry in Israel and more.

HWzone offers its users up-to-date computer news, in-depth product reviews, articles, guides, a large and active community, and more. HWzone offers and presents all this to surfers for free, in a professional manner, explained simply and clearly and well-organized - which makes the site popular, popular and beloved - since 2001 until today.

Why HWzone?

Rolling advertising
The site and community staff are known as experts in the field, who constitute a layer of public opinion leaders in the fields of computers and technology. When your customer wants to buy a product - they come to HWzone to read about the product and ask for the recommendation of the community members, and then pass the information on and on.

פרסום Focused and quality
HWzone deals with computers, hardware, high-tech and gadgets - when you advertise with us you get 100% effective exposure! Advertising on various portals or general websites causes only a small percentage of your exposures to reach the relevant audience.
In addition, our audience has a high percentage of people with the means and early adopters of technology who are willing to spend on their technology above the average amount in the economy.

Great exposure
Due to its being the largest and most professional computer and technology site in Israel The only one in Israel Which is at its base Hardware site (With a professional testing equipment for hardware and computers operated by professionals), and not just a technology magazine with news items, HWzone gives you not only targeted exposure to the relevant audience but also exposure to it in greater quantity than any other option.
The number of our visitors is on a steady upward trend and includes veteran and permanent surfers, along with new surfers who join it every day, as a result of the continuous development of the site and the constant push of the team members forward.

Access to the professional market
Looking for a channel to contact the computer managers in the largest companies and organizations in Israel? Advertising with us is the solution for you.

Connecting to the largest computer community in Israel
The beating heart of HWzone is in its communities, which have existed since the first day of the site and currently include over 80,000 registered members, who have been visiting the site for many years and are exposed to our content - and yours.

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