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Check at peak speed without wasting precious time

QA is known to be the least glamorous part of any startup, but without it, no start-up is allowed to take off, and it will determine whether or not it succeeds. Nothing is more problematic than launching Which has not been properly reviewed and has passed all of its quality reviewers' credentials correctly, line by line

Every entrepreneur And apps know that the availability of the services of professionals who need them during development is absolutely essential. This is especially true when you have to submit updates and software to your customers and meet the schedule, it is also true of the money paid to people for their work, and this is true also in terms of launching products and updates to those who have already bought. In this respect, it was clear that anyone who cracked the issue of quality assurance at a price and at peak speed would be able to attract maximum attention and almost guaranteed success overnight.

Unprecedented availability

We-Test is probably the realization of a dream of many start-ups in Israel and around the world, Mobile testing tool Both testers and testers. No more World Clock gaps that make you wait to get started in India or the US, or be fresh enough in another part of the world to submit you QA test results at an affordable and high-speed online record. The Israeli Platform Quality Tester is available worldwide 24 / 7 At a given moment and with that uncompromising quality level, so your website or app undergoes software testing within 24 hours and the report is submitted to you online after a useful test. The experts of the platform do not disappear afterwards, of course, but stay with you for online chat and conversation and for any further questions, which is already the bonus of all services.

The quality of the inspection is uncompromising

The criticism is always objective, always meets the highest standards of professional standards, and the process itself is transparent, according to the company's founder, Eran Arie. "The parameters you need to test are selected by you in hand settings to get the feedback you need, and the platform will fit you with the right testers." The filtering and building the right team The platform people have already done backstage and are just waiting for you, the customers, to connect and coordinate between you. They are all professionals selected according to their score test scores and are high on all opinions. Extremely strict. Thus, a dream platform is achieved that manages to bridge the quality and the price that is accessible to everyone, and to streamline work for all who require it all over the world, albeit in Israel. It looks like another step in fulfilling the global work vision, but also a wonderful brainstorm that breaks the world of high-tech and startups .


Mass does not have to be simplistic

Quality testing service is in itself a premium product, if you can call it that, so no simplistic service or less value, even if its deployment is mass, ie across so many places. This is the great innovation of the platform, which is able to provide high quality service and excellent cooperation with Matrix Israel but is completely privately owned. Mobile applications testing services We-Test Is a completely professional service that fully meets the need for reliable quality tests, which have become more meticulous and demanding than ever before.

Quality checks are carried out at each stage

The very important interaction between testers and developers is also part of the advantages of the platform and the low cost makes it worthwhile for every start-up, even those who still dream of success sitting in front of the computer in the home garage where he builds his application anywhere in the world. The high availability of the tasters is the biggest advantage of the platform along with their professional level for each programmer.


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  1. The perception of the testing personnel and the service they provide is inaccurate. Test persons do not determine whether "a startup is allowed to take off or determine if it will succeed or fall."

    Reaction readers may find it difficult to internalize the fact that "test people provide a service that is" information. " Yes, information. The testing process is designed to provide information about the subjective quality measured by various parameters.
    This information is provided to the customer. The person who represents the customer can be the product manager who sits with the testers on the same team.
    The product manager, who represents the business, is the one who decides what to do with this information. The same information, along with other considerations, will decide whether to release a version, release a new product, etc.
    People who run the business sometimes have a broader view than business people when it comes to running a business. Sometimes even when the information indicates that there are some issues that recommend avoiding a release, the business will still pay to release a version anyway.

    Of course, examiners can and should express a reasoned opinion about a decision that goes against the recommendation of the product / version release report. But at the end of the day, the decision about "what is allowed to take off and what is not" is not up to the examiners.

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