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We have established this site,
Because we're crazy.
On technology, computers and cellular.

מי אנחנו?
HWzone is the largest and leading computer, technology and hardware site in Israel since 2001. The site gives its users extensive and in-depth information about the computer market in Israel, both from the technical point of view, both from a professional and business point of view and from a consumer perspective.

HWzone's 2017 year-round

This busy year is coming to an end, and it's time to introduce you to the most successful products we've ever encountered in the world of hardware and computers

Great Antek Draw - Winners

List of winners of the great lottery of Antek for Passover!

TradeZone - Buy and Sell HWzone!

Good evening, we are pleased to announce today the launch of the TradeZone system, the buying and selling board of HWzone, which will allow you to sell and buy second hand computer parts quickly ...

Looking for a new computer? Updates in our recommended computers section

Our recommended computer system is at the heart of HWzone, and has been with us from the beginning. This is an important consumer tool, allowing each and every one of you to find the ideal specification for him, for any purpose and budget.

Greetings from the future: Antek awards you prizes! (Last hours to competition - participate now!)

Have you watched the movie "Number One Player" and identified the manufacturer chosen to assemble the futuristic computer that appears in it? Now you have the chance to win a fully integrated water cooler or cooling system

HWzone and AORUS!

Gigabyte to bring you a raffle that's all gaming mice!

HWzone's year-end products for 2015: the card that nearly killed AMD

For the New Year, and especially for the year ending, the site's reporters have come to choose their 2015 products of the year in the field of computers and hardware

Want to be part of the HWzone family?

It's time to expand - the site looks for more professional reporters, to expand the content team, and you can be part of the family!

XWUMX HWzone's Year Products: The screen that gives everything

For the New Year, and especially for the year ending, the site's reporters have come to choose their 2015 products of the year in the field of computers and hardware

Invent a creative slogan for SanDisk's SSD and win one mobile Winners

"The last slowness you will need to experience is the shipment of Israel Post" - the following are the best winners and slogans at the launch event of SanDisk's portable SSD

The Quiz of the The winner!

The HWzone quiz in a festive format and the status of computers arrange for you JBL speakers who will play quality music for every ear ... Haman!

Lottery Modular Package MasterCase 5 Pro - the winner

Last day to draw the modular package MasterCase 5 Pro, hurry up and register!

HWzone Recommended Specifications - January Update

Our recommended computers section was updated for January. Looking for a computer? We are here to help

HWzone's Year Products for 2015: The Bold Mobile

For the New Year, and especially for the year ending, the site's reporters have come to choose their 2015 products of the year in the field of computers and hardware

The buzz refreshes: all the latest innovations in HWzone

HWzone, the Israeli computer site, will celebrate next year's 16 since it was first opened in 2001 as a breakthrough Israeli hardware site, and has become a brand name in the Israeli computer community. So what's going to be here today?

Merry Christmas: The ZON celebrates 15 years

It's hard to believe, but right before the 15 years ago we officially opened (after a few months pilot) our favorite site, our HWzone, HWzone. Feels like we just celebrated a decade ago, and now 5 has been through them for years!

Past, Present and Future: Update about HWzone

In recent weeks, HWzone has overcome an attack and the technical problems that followed it, a brief update on where we are and where we are headed

Ten years of the computer site - who would have believed?

Ten years have gone by, and it feels as though everything started only yesterday.
Want to remember our history? Has a burst of nostalgia attacked you? Let's remember together.

Laptop Draw The winner!

In addition to the graphics card we distributed in the quiz, and the motherboard that we distributed in the "Lager Destroyers" competition, this time we are dragging a laptop for gamers MSI GE60

HWzone OCTober Competition Summary

The overclocking competition that took place during the month of October attracted dozens of contestants and audience from all over the country - here is full coverage of the competition and the event

Rolling balls and lots of wires - a decade summary of the peripheral equipment

For a whole decade we have been swimming with keyboards, mice, speakers and earphones for the computer. But what has changed during the decade really? Summary of a Decade in Peripheral Computer Equipment.

MSI slogan contest Winners!

You create a slogan for MSI's Z77 series and we make sure you win prizes

The HWzone team selects the games they did and destroyed the 2012 year

The games that made us laugh and enjoy every second and the games that made us cry in despair - come see what the HWzone Team Games are!

Gaming-Intelligence: Monetary prizes of thousands of shekels and raffles to the public

The games event at Heichal Hatarbut Modi'in is approaching giant steps and we are here with details about the prizes and sweepstakes of the event

An evil animal named Overclock - a decade of the fast

With every new chip that came into the world, there were always those who tried to push it on, far beyond what they defined in the factory. We gathered here to summarize 10 years in the field