The buzz refreshes: All the latest innovations in HWzone • HWzone

The buzz refreshes: all the latest innovations in HWzone

HWzone, the Israeli computer site, will celebrate next month 16 years Since its opening in 2001 as a breakthrough Israeli hardware site, until it has become a brand name in the Israeli computer community, and in fact throughout the world. So what's going to be here today?

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Last year we told you mainly about the past and the innovations that are on the way, and this year we are very happy to bring these innovations - at last - to work, and to move forward!

So, what's new in HWzone?

In recent years, all the site's infrastructures continued to undergo refinements and optimizations for improvement - and now the zoon is in its best state ever, when it fully overcame the problematic period it went through a few years ago. The site is accessible, agile, light and fully available on both personal and mobile computers.

And now, with the right infrastructure, you can start talking about the real innovations!

A true division into sections

The site's four main sections - Computers, Gadgets, Gaming and-Technology - They are now 4 Home On their own. Each section of the section will present not only the articles that belong to that section, but also the new / hot discussions in the forums that are relevant to that section, and in fact will serve as a designated entry gate for those who have a burning room.

Are you in gaming? Keep the homepage of the gaming section favorite - and get quick and direct access to all the content you're interested in! Interested mainly in computers and hardware? In gadgets? Technology? We have a main page dedicated to all of you! Interested in all areas without discrimination? No problem - the main page of the site will still show you all the content, with a comfortable emphasis of the section that is associated with each article or forum discussion.

Articles: "Everything New - Do not Miss Anything"

From today, next to any new item you have not yet read, a new icon will appear that will allow you to easily identify the new content on your site since your last visit. In the main menu at the top of the site, a small icon will appear next to each section showing the amount of new articles available to you in that section. Clicking on the icon will lead to a page that concentrates all the new articles, with the option to filter by the site's sections and the option to mark all articles as read - to reset the meter.

Forums: "Just what interests you"

The main page of the forums has been refreshed, and now instead of displaying the standard forum structure that includes hierarchical and old-fashioned categorization / forums and then a discussion display, it emphasizes what is really important - the discussions themselves - and displays them directly.

The new display allows you to see Just what interests you - On the side of the page you can always see the list of forums, which will actually serve as a list of "interests" - where you can mark the specific forums that interest you, and the system (which will always remember your choice when you return to the main forums page) will only show you discussions from the forums you have chosen in a concentrated way.

Only interested in hardware and computers and games, but not gadgets? Mark the categories / forums you like and leave unchecked the categories / forums you like less - and you will no longer see on the front page discussions from forums that do not interest you.

We have no doubt that even if this method requires easy adjustment, it is a more orderly and convenient method - and we think you will love it very much. If you still prefer to return to the classic display method, you can easily do this by clicking on the relevant icon at the top of the main page, allowing quick switching between the two display methods.

Do you have anything to tell? We all want to hear!

The new Bazon has a greater emphasis on your content, surfers.

The connection between our site and our forums has become deeper than ever - the hot discussions from the forums have taken a prominent place on the homepage, the talkback from the articles is synchronized with the forum discussions and you will receive instant updates when you respond, and the process for opening a new discussion has become simpler and easier than ever - one click on the central text box In your "personal area" and you will immediately open a window where you can share everything that comes to your mind, choose a title and topic (because it still needs some order ..) and that's it - your new post in the air. Just like posting a Facebook status;)

You can also attach links (eg YouTube videos or images, , Etc.), which will automatically be converted into your status window and displayed visually without the need for an outdated need to use "Tag Archives" as before.

ZoneHub: Business Index of the Zoon

We at HWzone are very proud to present something that has been in our programs ever since the celebration of the decade before 6 years ago, and today finally took shape.

Zon-Father is our small business index, Based on location, And enables you to find business owners in a variety of fields from the computer world - computer stores, computer technicians, technicians , Graphic designers, programmers and others - who are close to you. Looking for a computer technician? If you live in Tel Aviv, a technician in Metula will not help you, right? The Father-Father will automatically identify your location (if you confirm it, otherwise you can set a location manually) and show you everyone in your environment and relevant. Believe that "distance is only a number"? No problem - you can do a search without setting a location (or with a particularly generous search radius) and get a list of all business owners in the area you're looking for.

business owners? Parent-to-parent advertising is your way of getting the most effective, targeted, and worthwhile exposure - and the way to show the largest computer community in Israel that you support and take part in. Surfers will appreciate it and support you back - we're sure of it!
We invite you Join ZoneHub Already today!

Happy Birthday 16, HWzone!

The past year has been a year of activity, especially behind the scenes, so that our 16 celebrations can be celebrated with quite a few innovations and surprises that have come and will come in the future.

16 birthday to an Israeli website is not something that comes on foot, especially to a large and active site like ours - with a content archive that has been active over 16 for a year and contains Over 18,000 Articles, Reviews, Guides and News, With more than 90 thousand registered members who have already written Over 5.5 million posts in our forums, And with a community that does not stop living and breathing computers, gadgets, gaming and technology!

We are proud to be here and celebrate with you!
Congratulations (a little early, this year) for us and you!

The Zoon Team.

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  1. Glad you always keep innovating and strive to improve! It is no longer counting how many years you do well

  2. Congratulations!

    Recommendation: Enable a 'tree' state in the message system (as in comments in the article pages), alongside the 'flat' situation in the discussions: much more convenient to see discussion threads this way.

  3. Didn't mean we'd save FEED instead of favorites (when did you mention it to gaming?)
    So sorry ...
    Today everything works on FEEDS… (almost everything .. and ZONE has excellent FEEDS)

    Oh well… For those who did not understand:
    Enter the following address into the address bar and enter:

    Click on SEBSCRIBE NOW and in the window that opens, save it to favorites.
    Now all that's left is just stand on the FEED and see what's new…

    Oops… maybe it's only on FIREFOX?

    1. No connection .. There is a rss feed for all categories, it's something else.
      We meant to have a house, the one you enter when you visit the site. This page has more articles than rss articles. There are also hot and new discussions from the forum, online promotions, selected articles, "the old days", and more.

  4. Wow… what periods have passed here…
    2008 most remember me, I would walk to work in Lod (the former Snick) and all the way drool on the new video cards and new technologies,
    Then I bought the GTS 880…

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