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HWzone is the largest and leading computer, technology and hardware site in Israel since 2001. The site gives its users extensive and in-depth information about the computer market in Israel, both from the technical point of view, both from a professional and business point of view and from a consumer perspective.

Beige Monster - A Decade of Modding

Modding is definitely one of the areas that has undergone the most changes over the last decade. From a simple beige case to a five-foot monster with dazzling light and a fighter receiver - a decade ago everything was manual. And today?

HWzone Viewer - StarCraft II Tournament

HWzone Viewer - StarCraft II Tournament In collaboration with the Zerling website and sponsored by Gainward Worldwide, they decided to promote electronic sports in Israel one step further and to organize the Israeli Open Championship on StarCraft II.

HWzone OCTober Competition Summary

The overclocking competition that took place during the month of October attracted dozens of contestants and audience from all over the country - here is full coverage of the competition and the event

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