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We have established this site,
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On technology, computers and cellular.

מי אנחנו?
HWzone is the largest and leading computer, technology and hardware site in Israel since 2001. The site gives its users extensive and in-depth information about the computer market in Israel, both from the technical point of view, both from a professional and business point of view and from a consumer perspective.

Ten years of "start" - a decade in operating systems

Operating systems have undergone far-reaching changes from the first appearance in the market, and yet the last ten years have looked like technological stagnation. Have we really moved anywhere from 2001?

Once there was only one core - a decade of processors

From one primitive core to a five-core monster, one of which is a video card - a very interesting decade for us in the field of processors.

Ten years of storage - Who has floppy disk to lend?

A busy decade has passed in the storage market, although at first glance nothing seems to have changed. A closer look shows that far-reaching changes have occurred in storage, remember diskettes?

A decade of mobile devices - from an ugly block to a tactician

The mobile phone market is perhaps the market that has undergone the most changes, and today a mobile phone is synonymous with the PC. Does any of you remember what 10 years ago? Come with us for a short visit to the time tunnel back to the keys and a black and white display

The computer site celebrates a decade!

This month we mark 10 years of extensive activity, during which we have been able to make a great effort to become the largest hardware and computer site in Israel,

Summary of Israel Championship in StarCraft II of HWzone!

Summary of the largest StarCraft II tournament in Israel, in cooperation with the Zerling site and under the auspices of Gainward

And those who win the HWiki contest

In April we uploaded a new community section to the site and distributed prizes worth thousands of shekels to donors to the section

HWzone Viewer - StarCraft II Tournament In collaboration with the Zerling website and sponsored by Gainward Worldwide, they decided to promote electronic sports in Israel one step further and to organize the Israeli Open Championship on StarCraft II.

HWzone Forums - also on your phone

From today you can browse HWzone forums from anywhere in the world

HWzone Call Of Duty: Black Ops

HWzone's Black Ops server comes into the air, sponsored by MSI - Join the Battle!

Competition Writing Guides!

Want to win QNAP NAS and Motherboard for HTPC? Join the HWzone Guides Contest!

HWzone OCTober Competition Summary

The overclocking competition that took place during the month of October attracted dozens of contestants and audience from all over the country - here is full coverage of the competition and the event

The new HWzone - it happens

Welcome to the new HWzone - please feel at home.

A new world record from

Again there is Israeli pride in the field of the Overclocking - this time QX6700 square core

Offer: 50% discount to IDF for HWzone surfers

HWzone and Intel are organizing a discount from the movies for the Intel Developer Forum, which will be held this month for the second time in Israel

This month in HWzone: Month of OCTober

A new tradition in HWzone, as of today October is the month of OCTober - HWzone OverClocking Month

It came - five years to

HWzone celebrates five years and you are invited to ...

HWzone - Now also portable!

We are happy to talk about a new forum on the site - Forum laptops

HWzone wishes its surfers a happy Independence Day!

Independence Day The 58 for the State. Merry Christmas Blessing from the site staff.

The director of HWzone's communities retires

Noam Eliahu, director of HWzone's communities over the past three years, is retiring from his position on the site.

HWzone Modding Gallery

Our Modding Gallery has undergone a series of New Year's Eve improvements.

HWzone's 15 Forum Meeting

A year has passed, a year has come, and we are meeting a rising! (WTF ..)

HWzone's lottery - the winner!

We thank all the participants in our September lottery, but the winner has only one

AC Ryan's project logs competition

AC Ryan announces the Best Modding Worklog Project Competition

Let's win a prestigious HWzone lottery

Less than a week remains until the lottery is closed, and you are invited to participate