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We have established this site,
Because we're crazy.
On technology, computers and cellular.

About Us
HWzone is the largest and leading computer, technology and hardware site in Israel since 2001. The site gives its users extensive and in-depth information about the computer market in Israel, both from the technical point of view, both from a professional and business point of view and from a consumer perspective.

  • Great Overclocking Competition!

    Good morning to everyone, and this morning is really good because today we are officially announcing the first overclocking competition in the country! Your processor is running at 3GHz? Want to show it to everyone? Come and participate in the competition! But unlike other overclocking competitions, this is a competition…

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  • HWzone's elected officials

    The year 2002 was certainly not an easy year for the hardware industry, although it can be defined as a very successful year in terms of technology advancement but still, the industry was in a severe recession, and not only in Israel. Despite everything, the hardware industry was able to flourish and rise to new heights, 2002 was…

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  • HWzone - and the winners are:

    Good afternoon, first of all, sorry for being late for the lottery winners. Remember, the lottery was held among our forum participants who donated their money to Bnei Zion Hospital in Haifa to help him buy a childhood cancer detection device. We hope the money transferred (NIS 600) is well spent for prevention…

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  • HWzone - what goes around coming around :)

    Peace and good evening to all. With the end of the fundraising a few days ago and the end of the meeting in question, we would like to thank all those who have contributed to this noble cause. Your means and your donations (the mighty, if I may mention, NIS 600) did not go in vain, as promised.

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  • HWzone - Donation

    Hello, and good evening to everyone. As you recall a week ago and half, we held an Appeal in our meeting to the Friends of Bnei Zion Hospital for the purchase of state-of-the-art cancer detection equipment for children and youth. Today, the wait for your transfers is over, and although we waited a long time, well above the initial, we announce that No more money was transferred to the Appeal,…

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  • A new contest at HWzone!

    New HWzone Competition: The Strange Place / Mode You Have Shot with HWzone !!! Good afternoon. The HWzone Team Announces New and Bizarre Competition: The Strange Place or Scene You Have Shot with HWzone, for example: Drop Parallel with our Logo, etc. Print the Logo Of the site (not binding, even the subtitle -…

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  • HWzone's background competition - results

    Yes yes, you read correctly… We have finally made the decision on the winner of the HWzone Background Competition.Note that all backgrounds have been carefully tested by all managers whether they have a neat work desk or have a very busy work desk…

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  • New site competition !!!

    The topic has already been raised in the forums, and we want to raise it officially as a competition… the simple principle is to design a beautiful background with HWzone integration into the site and you can win prizes… First Prize: A Hard Disk Cooler Drawer, Includes Three Coolers, ENERMAX WS-106, Worth 60 $! : HWzone shirts…

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