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HWzone is the largest and leading computer, technology and hardware site in Israel since 2001. The site gives its users extensive and in-depth information about the computer market in Israel, both from the technical point of view, both from a professional and business point of view and from a consumer perspective.

The Gaming Forum writing contest is underway!

Good evening to all surfers, we are happy to announce a new award-winning competition as part of a games forum, and this time - a writing competition! In light of the success of the comic book competition, we decided to continue award-winning competitions Writing a review or preview of a game, will allow you to demonstrate the best of your expression skills in one of the favorite areas of the vast majority of computer users.

The Game Forum Comics Competition has ended!

After 3 weeks of receiving works from the forum members who participated in the competition, some more creative, some less creative, the Games Forum comics competition ended yesterday, which was first announced at the forum meeting on Passover. In total, a very respectable amount of 22 different works were received The forum, which included about 55 images, with the game having the largest amount of images was not necessarily a counter-strike, but rather Command & Conquer: Generals. The site staff was debating a number of creative and invested works; For the final stage (approximately) the works of the Moooshe users ...

Screenshot is coming to an end!

After several weeks during which we received a considerable amount of works (you can see all the photos sent in this thread), the competition is coming to an end. We will only receive photos until tomorrow evening, and the next day - Independence Day, we will announce the winning photo. As a gift stick, Geil 256Mb DDR 333, a gift from the PCHardware store.

HWzone - Hot updates from the front

It's time for some updates and reminders related to the site: Let's start with the new logo that found its place at the top of the site page, a logo that now solves the problem of hiding the ad the main menu of the site in low resolutions. The appearance of the comics competition in the games forum is approaching, and if you have not yet taken a few minutes to work on the image you captured from the favorite game this time, the memory is waiting for you until Independence Day when you choose the winning work, for more details click here. to you,...

HWzone is proud to present - Overclocking Database

Good evening to all our surfers, a few days ago we opened a new section on our site, a section that we think is most needed in a rapidly growing hardware community like ours. is proud to present - Overclocking Database! For the first time in Israel, we present a sophisticated database The most sophisticated and friendly in the world, built by our Webmaster, Omri Amos) which is designed to be the largest database in the country when it comes to overclocking. With the help of the new system you can view the overclocking results of all other members ...

Great Overclocking Competition!

Good morning everyone, and this morning is really good because today we are officially announcing the first overclocking competition in the country! Have you reached a crazy bass? Is your processor running at 3GHz? Want to show it to everyone? Come and participate in the competition! But unlike other overclocking competitions, this is a unique competition - admit that it is not wise to reach a very high bass with components worth 15,000 NIS, so the main competition is to reach the bass as high as possible with as cheap and budgetary components. Passover, so ...

HWzone's elected officials

The year 2002 certainly was not an easy year for the hardware industry, although it can be defined as a very successful year in terms of technology advancement but still, the industry was in a severe recession, not only in Israel. Despite everything the hardware industry was able to flourish and rise to new heights, 2002 was the year they managed to bring Following a foul market technologies and innovations that until now was not possible, ranging from minor cases are the Shuttle to Intel's processor technology, the HyperThreading, which only recently introduced to the market.

HWzone - and the winners are:

Good afternoon, first of all, sorry for the delay in publishing the lottery winners. To remind you, the lottery was held among our forum participants who donated their money to Bnei Zion Hospital in Haifa to help him buy a device for early detection of cancer in children and adolescents. We hope that the money transferred (600 NIS) will be put to good use to prevent the spread of the disease and save lives. And Logitech Wheelmouse Cordless. The raffle was conducted using the latest technology, taking advantage of ...

HWzone - what goes around comes around :)

Hello and good evening to all. With the end of the fundraiser a few days ago and at the end of the meeting in question, we would like to thank all those who contributed to this noble cause. Your means and contributions (the greatness, if I may say so, in the amount of 600 NIS) did not go in vain, as promised. We also thank the stores that donated to this lottery, which as mentioned was directed to a noble cause, - They are the sick children and youth): Zigzag 2000 and PCHardware.

HWzone - Fundraising

Hello and good evening to all. As you may recall, about a week and a half ago we held a fundraiser at our meeting of the Friends of Bnei Zion Hospital for the purchase of modern equipment for detecting cancer in children and adolescents. Today, the wait for your transfers is over. No more money was transferred to the fundraiser, therefore - and after a long time, as mentioned, where we waited for more donations - today about 600 NIS was transferred to the association. Later tonight the list of donors (lottery participants) and the lottery products, as well as relevant documents (receipt not yet Received from them, we expect ...

A new contest at HWzone!

New competition in HWzone: the strangest place / situation you photographed with HWzone !!! Good afternoon. HWzone team announces a new and bizarre competition: the strangest place or situation you photographed with HWzone, for example: skydiving with our logo, etc. Of the site (not required, also the subtitle - HWzone, in free style will definitely suffice) or be photographed with the site in the background, in a strange situation or place and you will win the competition! The first and biggest prize is MSI's Geforce 4 Ti 4600 card and ThermalTake cooling kit, unique to the Jeep 4, may ...

HWzone Background Competition - The Results

Yes yes, you read that right ... We've finally decided on the winner of the HWzone Background Competition. It should be noted that all the backgrounds have been carefully checked by all the principals whether they have a tidy desktop or a very busy desktop (like me: - /), the aspects that influenced the choice were: the quality of the creation of the background. Balance between the background colors. The level of creativity of the background. The adaptation of the background to the workbench environment. And more ... Loved the background and chose it, we loved ...

New site competition !!!

The topic has already been raised in forums, and we want to officially raise it as a competition ... The principle is simple, design a beautiful background with the integration of HWzone on the site and you can win prizes ... First prize: Drawer for cooling the hard disk, includes three cooling fans, ENERMAX WS-106, worth $ 60 Second and third prizes: rare HWzone shirts, site fans' shirts! The site staff will serve as judges, the competition will end on Independence Day and the day after the participants will be announced! The works must be sent by email- [email protected], Specifying the name of the author and address. Regarding the size, volume and type of file, you have the freedom to choose for yourself.

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