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  1. Corning continues to upgrade and improve the brand that has made it a respected guest in almost every modern smart device - get to know the Gorilla Glass DX for the article
  2. Just like the OnePlus with the Nord 2 - Xiaomi's new advanced mid-range device prioritizes the latest products from the Far East chip developer over those of Western competitor Qualcomm.
  3. A common model from the BarraCuda brand drops to the Israeli VAT exemption threshold - and can be yours now for less than NIS 300, including delivery to the doorstep.
  4. While we are already used to getting free quality games every week at the Epic Games Store - the current time period actually belongs to Amazon which distributes Battlefield 1 and Battlefield V to its subscribers later in the article
  5. Intel presents its new roadmap for manufacturing and developing microprocessors in the coming years with one clear goal - to satisfy the market which is thirsty for more processing power in high availability.
  6. The resurrected compact models have been taken care of by AMD - but it seems that the successful gaming company continues to maintain faith in Intel's technologies in the big computer models of the article
  7. Will a gradual improvement in its supply of video cards in the mobile market allow us to see AMD provide a significant challenge not only for Intel but also for NVIDIA? MSI volunteers to promote the opportunity with the launch of a pair of fresh brands for the article
  8. The next senior mid-range model from OnePlus adopts a camera and charging flagship devices to make its many competitors cheap
  9. Starting another weekend in style - with treats from GOG and the Epic Games Store for the article
  10. Want to renew with agile storage with a decent volume at a final price of less than NIS 285? Now this opportunity returns, several weeks after the previous festive round of the article
  11. The official launch of the Realme GT model exhausts its potential - making it the cheapest in the local landscape with the modern flagship chip from Qualcomm.
  12. A report in the Wall Street Journal tells of a possible deal that will surely return to Intel the title of the world's largest chipmaker.
  13. The booming Chinese brand continues to expand its domestic offering in the middle market with an interesting model that costs less than its direct predecessor.
  14. An ultra-economical chip in architecture that has not yet been officially unveiled and competitive price tags characterize the most ambitious attempt to date to create an alternative to the Nintendo Switch in the PC world for the article
  15. The latest Ampere model is also being treated as part of the AORUS Gaming Box family by GIGABYTE.
  16. A senior model in a rather unique series from the Taiwanese manufacturer is now available for purchase on Amazon at an interesting price from the article
  17. A pair of free titles await you this coming week at the Epic Games Store, in addition to the latest deals in the Humble Bundle for the article
  18. On the one hand many were already confident that Nintendo would not unveil any new hardware this year - and on the other hand it is now revealing a slight upgrade that does not meet fan expectations for improved processing power for the article
  19. In this review, we will take an in-depth look at NVIDIA's newest video card performance at the moment, the GeForce RTX 3070 Ti, in order to understand what performance improvement it provides over the familiar base version of the article
  20. Various recent reports paint a somewhat bleak picture for all gaming enthusiasts who have hoped and believed that new episodes in two of the most successful series in the field will be shown shortly.
  21. Most manufacturers have shifted their focus to portable SSDs - but it turns out that some still believe in the potential of the external storage media that preceded the article
  22. The second generation of discounted editions for Samsung's flagship devices seems to be on the safe path to imminent official exposure, with the possibility of using Exynos chips due to Qualcomm's shortage for the article
  23. A laptop with an RTX 3080 and a 300Hz screen is definitely not a common thing, but GIGABYTE likes to shatter a routine with products of this type - let's see the AORUS 17G in action
  24. Sabrent continues to conduct interesting experiments with its SSDs - and launches a compact external Thunderbolt 3 drive that knows how to store a lot of information and also move it from place to place at an impressive rate.
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