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  1. Its predecessor did not leave China's borders last year - but we have good reason to expect that this time the most advanced flagship device from the manufacturer will land in Europe and perhaps in our small country as well.
  2. In this review, we will review the experience and performance of a large laptop designed for a variety of uses - in modern branding from GIGABYTE and with NVIDIA's fresh RTX 3060 card for the article
  3. Advanced photo sensors with modest resolutions, a 4K screen that almost no other company has and also a mini model that retains most of Big Brother's capabilities - Sony will probably not suddenly become the most successful smartphone maker in the field, but also shows no hints of planning to give up the unusual style that accompanies The same from the beginning of the article
  4. The generation of desktop processors destined to hit the market next year is named after another famous Renaissance artist - and includes several features that are supposed to get everyone excited about the article
  5. The next obvious hit in the young brand from Xiaomi wants to provide consumers with a fast 256GB internal capacity at the cheapest price in the area.
  6. Is a successful manufacturer of smartphones, TVs and smart watches capable of becoming a significant and important player in the automotive world? A commitment to invest more than $ XNUMX billion in the coming years could help us get the answer to the article
  7. The world of data centers is heating up - and Intel looks ready for challenges with new processors based on the Ice Lake architecture and including up to 40 processing cores
  8. On storage types, understanding branding and refreshing of a series of hard drives is important in the world of storage and backup - WD Red Plus gets a central stage
  9. The Corona continues to rage and brings the organizers of the large hardware and technology exhibition from the Far East to make another painful route change, about two months before the opening whistle for the article
  10. The dullest predictions came true quickly - the Korean company announces a complete cessation of its activities in the field of smart devices, within a few months
  11. A pair of newer generation models from NVIDIA may bridge the big performance gaps between some of the GeForce GTX models currently on the market.
  12. Think the dilemma between the regular Mi 11 and the Mi 11 Ultra is complicated? You should also know the Mi 11 Pro and Mi 11i that will make the business even more confusing and challenging.
  13. Get to know more impressive deals from the online platforms of Fanatical and the Humble Bundle for the article
  14. The manufacturer's ultra-premium brand is changing its face and provides a basis for presenting its first model with a flexible screen that folds inwards - at a tremendous price in the best tradition in the field.
  15. Get to know a fresh motherboard with the B560 chipset for Intel's LGA1200 chipset - MSI's successful engineering article
  16. The newly announced pair of Samsung mid-range models are already in some local stores, with features not met every day at the same price levels - but the most intriguing version with support for fifth-generation networks is still missing from the article
  17. Intel officially launches the 11th generation Core series and we bring you a review of a pair of fresh and very interesting models. Will the gaming performance crown return to the company's arms? Answers inside the article
  18. A venture called AYA-NEO has garnered investments of over NIS 7 million so far - with the goal of building on AMD's mobile Ryzen processors to create a portable gaming machine worthy
  19. The two major players in the console market reveal which games will get free No money All subscribers to their online services in the coming month
  20. The manufacturer maintains the many rumors that ran in the network and launches a pair of new mid-range models under its latest main model family - one with support for 5G and one with support up to the fourth generation networks only, which is already available in Israel.
  21. Meet the model designed to provide competition for the Snapdragon 870 and Snapdragon 860, thanks to an innovative 5-nanometer manufacturing process
  22. The chip maker's brand that sells to us mainly thanks to many successful generations of tiny desktops continues to expand - into the world of laptops where the company will rely on the services of a marketing partnership to bring its products to the masses.
  23. The daily deal of storage products is over for him - but we have a host of other hot recommendations that you will not want to miss
  24. A new series of processors for Intel and with it a new series of chipsets released to the world - in this review we focus on an advanced option from MSI, model MPG GAMING CARBON WIFI for the article
  25. Like many other manufacturers, OnePlus is happily and quickly adopting Qualcomm's alternative flagship chip for 2021 - but we are not sure we can see the result in the country for the article.
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