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  1. The new Intel processors from the Rocket Lake family will arrive later in the quarter, and in the meantime, the new motherboards created especially for them will arrive in stores - come and be impressed by these concentration of the popular hardware manufacturer from Taiwan.
  2. Samsung's flagship trio brings with it sophisticated features, certain compromises and also a change in strategy - so you can find them in stores before the end of this month, also in Israel.
  3. As part of the CES 2021 announcements, Intel is also refreshing its NUCs with 11th Core processors - here's what you can find in stores soon.
  4. The Ampere family arrives in the mobile market as expected, with three versions first - which differ in material composition from their desktop counterparts to the article
  5. Hurry up to pick up a pair of quality and interesting titles without paying for it at all - and before the stock disappears for the article
  6. While Intel is content with the launch of three new portable models as a reinforcement for an existing product family - its competitor shoots all the guns with a large range of models with outputs ranging from 15 watts to 45 watts and up, plus Zen 3 cores (almost) everywhere in the article
  7. The graphics core maker also misses out on those looking for cheaper video cards than has been offered so far and unveils the GeForce RTX 3060, which has 12GB of GDDR6 memory per article
  8. Intel promises that those who want to take their games to the maximum that they should stay in its camp - and wait a little longer for the hot thing to land in the article
  9. The Korean company's thin and light computers, with the best battery life in the category, are updated for the year 2021 with five different models.
  10. A new TUF Gaming model with a familiar design will provide us with fewer processing units based on a reduced GA106 core - but also a GDDR6 memory volume that even exceeds the RTX 3080 per article
  11. The Chinese manufacturer's updated IdeaPad 5 family adopts all modern processors that support Windows 10, giving users maximum flexibility to write
  12. The CES 2021 conference officially opens, this time in digital format, and the American chip giant is aiming higher from the first moment - this year we open with a quick launch and promise for many more models later on in the article
  13. The discounted Lite version of the flagship device will indulge with a display at a refresh rate of 120 Hz on the one hand, but will settle for a relatively old processing chip with support up to the fourth generation only from the second side of the article
  14. The militant brand will combine enhanced Tiger Lake processors with NVIDIA's cheapest mobile graphics cards in the first launch wave - with updated branding and advanced QHD screens as an addition to the article
  15. An early engineering version of the Ryzen 7 5700G is being tested for the first time - and shows double-digit improvements compared to the parallel Ryzen 3000 models
  16. A combination of Ultra HD resolution and a high refresh rate is emerging as the new trend for 2021 - and the Taiwanese manufacturer hopes to be the one to propel it forward using the Predator and Nitro brands in the article
  17. The ADATA gaming brand provides us with one of the most bizarre flashes of recent writing
  18. The dollar persists in its low value that has not been seen in the market for nearly a quarter of a century - and that means we have other very exciting offers to share with you.
  19. The Chinese manufacturer is refreshing the offer of its young sub-brand with a new pair at prices of less than NIS 1,000 - bringing the news of Mediatek's competitive 5G chips to Europe
  20. Do you have an outgoing or new generation Microsoft or Sony console? This is what you can add to your digital library now without having to pay extra, as part of your online subscription to the article
  21. The Epic Games Store platform returns to its weekly gift distribution routine - and alongside it we have a number of other lucrative recommendations that have landed online in recent days.
  22. It's not easy to compete in the world of tablets based on the Android system these days - but the Chinese computer maker is signaling that it is interested in continuing to try its hand in the field.
  23. The Taiwanese developer's affordable 5G chips on their way to Europe, and possibly also to Israel - as part of the international version for the Redmi Note 9 5G, which will be officially announced soon.
  24. The Lovelace architecture, named after the mathematician who is considered one of the founders of the creation of computers, will be the one to replace Ampere with another possible upgrade in the production process.
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