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Lenovo Y27GQ-25 240Hz 1440p 0.5ms G-Sync

Lenovo Y27GQ-25 240Hz 1440p 0.5ms G-Sync

2,999.98 ₪

  • Price in NIS 2,999.98 ₪
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Lenovo Y27GQ-25- screen for serious gamers, one of the few in the world with 240HZ and also a resolution of 2K 1440P 0.5MS with a real G-SYNC built-in! Not just support! The only one in the country as far as I know, for me a year, will be back soon so I will have less time to play, there is a warranty from the store and an official importer. It is important to note that the screen has a fan (with headphones you do not hear and close the screen it turns off, but while working / playing the fan is on, and you hear a bit. The fastest TN panel on the market - the version with speakers, which is usually more expensive, is not connected On the side in the box

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