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8600k z370 desktop computer

  • Price in NIS 3,500 ₪
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Desktop computer

GIGABYTE Z370 4xDDR4 mATX board GA-Z370M D3H 
INTEL i5-8600K 3.6G LGA1151 CPU 
 ZALMAN LGA2066 CNPS10X 3 fan
SAMSUNG 960 Evo M2 500G PCIE CD MZ-V6E5000BW 
 WD Blue 1TB 7200 64MB 3.5 "K.D. WD10EZEX 
 2.00.hp 8 CRUCIAL 2400GB 4MHz DDR8 Memory CT4G824DFDXNUMXA 
 'H 1.00 INTEL Built-in MK INTELVGA 
 1.00 DVD-RW SATA x22 BLACK Burner


 'H 1.00 Antec VSP5000 Case Case
Antec VSP5000 Case W / USB 3.0 X 2 + 2 X 12FAN


 1.00.hp 650 Antec VP650PM 650W VPXNUMXPM Provider 

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