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  2. Hi thanks for the response a little hard to decide from all of them, I see a lot of differences in terms of the graphics card. From looking at all these computers the question arises - how good should the card be for the uses I mentioned above? I notice that the better the card, the more clumsy (physically) the computer becomes and I prefer as little as possible ... and also - I'm not looking for a computer for gaming. Thanks for the guidance but I came out a little more confused to tell the truth * not so interested in dell computers, due to bad history with them.
  3. Today
  4. Just like the OnePlus with the Nord 2 - Xiaomi's new advanced mid-range device prioritizes the latest products from the Far East chip developer over those of Western competitor Qualcomm.
  5. Stock was not the problem in the country almost at all after the first month, prices were and are the problem that in many stores 3070 which should cost 2500 ~ costs 4000+
  6. You also have Crucial BX500:
  7. Yesterday
  8. Someone please have a general coupon for Alex, not a specific product because it is housewares, clothes and all sorts of unlimited nonsense is unlimited for buying a certain amount, and if there are coupons only for a certain purchase then maybe also possible to note I do not use new there thanks. I would love to help there are coupons only for a certain purchase so maybe also possible please note I am not a new user there thanks. Would appreciate help
  9. Okay, was not so clear from the proposal (written in quantity '1').
  10. Do you really expect to be answered in a hearing from two years ago? Open your own new discussion, list the hardware (computer / screen) and get answers .....
  11. While we are already used to getting free quality games every week at the Epic Games Store - the current time period actually belongs to Amazon which distributes Battlefield 1 and Battlefield V to its subscribers later in the article
  12. It is clear to you that these specifications are significantly weaker than the specifications from startpc yes? Anyway I just looked at the tangle and they also sell the 3070 TI at 3700 ~ now so you can assemble more or less the same thing with them edit: I just wanted to add that the operation on startpc is over so only in the tangle can you get this specification now.
  13. Hello everyone, I have a strange phenomenon, when I upload materials to the network through a certain ssd drive, I get a blue screen, is there a situation where the drive is causing the problem?
  14. Last week
  15. Thank you so much to all the respondents! Regarding the allocation of memory to the graphic core. We will consider and update what I did and what happened. As for the SSD. I did not take a risk and put 2.5 drives. And they work great.
  16. law89


    There is nothing like the country. Prices in the sky and service (mostly) on the face. When I bought the combo printer, I tried for two hours to run the scanner, and I try and try and do not understand what I am doing wrong. At the end I talked to them and it turned out that they have some separate driver for the scanner that for some unclear reason is not on the disk with the drivers that come with the scanner. I wonder what someone who remembers after a certain period of time does that he wants to use a scanner and can not. Anyway, I'll try to dig a little deeper into the guide. Thanks for the help.
  17. yoavke

    Difference between speeds 5 פסקאות ראשונות .
  18. According to foreign publications, the 115 is better than the d15 at load and also quieter. Assuming you do serious OC. Https:// -review, 10.html
  19. Hey does anyone know how to arrange for messages not to be deleted automatically. It seems that every new message I send, the oldest message that appears to me is deleted. I tried searching in settings and could not find a solution.
  20. The resurrected compact models have been taken care of by AMD - but it seems that the successful gaming company continues to maintain faith in Intel's technologies in the big computer models of the article
  21. Will a gradual improvement in its supply of video cards in the mobile market allow us to see AMD provide a significant challenge not only for Intel but also for NVIDIA? MSI volunteers to promote the opportunity with the launch of a pair of fresh brands for the article
  22. This is a Galaxy s7 with 32g of memory and with an external card inside of 120g in recent months it has always warned of a lack of space. I did not have how and what to delete because everything is important. I barely deleted things and only recently and probably too late I just deleted more things and gradually. It is not known if this is related to it or as a result, in the last month he has started reactivating himself alone every time. Launch and turn on alone in the middle of any application, web application or just browsing the phone. For the last two days it got worse and worse until it got stuck on the Samsung logo and did not want to light up at all (and had a full battery) until I released it with the push of the power button and the volume together. When charging, it charges the battery to normal and at full speed. Then I decided to reset to factory settings. Before that I did a backup to the best of my ability because I am not the most proficient. I did not respond at all through a computer as it is not really working properly and another computer at hand was not so I have no idea what happens when connecting to the computer. I made 2 backups. Do not understand the cloud and drive and all that. I have no idea what I did. I just agreed to sync everything with my username and made a backup through the username of my phone number - a backup that took about an hour and it seems to me that it's the phone's operating apps, but I don't see all the apps and files. Then I went to boot to factory settings, and luckily it was written that it is recommended to make a smart transfer and indeed I made a smart transfer of the phone contents to my external memory card inside my phone after I did boot I did reboot and sync with my username and barely apps appeared and most 29 and more important bookmarks and web pages and notes of the memo appeared smooth. I thought I did everything required and lost everything and then I clicked quite by chance (because I am not proficient at all) on getting data from a recovery I did in the smart transfer, getting data from my memory card, and indeed all the data and apps appeared to me. But it is not known if everything. It was recorded in the restore that the receipt of data from my memory card had ended and it just continued to load the arrangement time and all the data on the phone was visible. And there it stopped and there were 100 more minutes left and it stopped because the phone restarted itself again. And after he came up I was not registered anything so it is not known if everything was transferred. At first glance it seems so but I do not remember every detail that was there. Did it move even though it stopped at the point I explained? Other important things: 3. I had a private secure folder of pictures on the external memory card in the phone. Access to its visibility is only with a password that only when you click on the password, all the images appear in the gallery. I put the same password I had then and it shows me nothing just an empty folder I did not respond because it seems to me that it was in the memory card at least a rifle if not all Is it lost to me permanently? And deleted? And why? 1. Everything was in vain the whole boot, and still the phone continues to restart itself. As for the charge it normally charges the battery. Why is this happening and what is the problem in your opinion?
  23. Size 27-28 inches up to NIS 3 more or less. Not a glossy screen that will not have a reflection of the sun as there is in LG OLED TVs Not a concave flat screen screen. Have a minimum of 122MHZ Screen use: Gaming, movies, web browsing. Release year: 2020- 2021 rotating -PIVOT Type of video card to be: 3070 or 3060. Games type: FORSPOKEN ARPG RPG DRAGON AGE 4 DIABLO 4 Preference for 4K if not then 2K
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