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  1. Today
  2. Good as stated, the hidden rabbi over the visible. I may return after two pages of discussion, when the picture is clearer. In the meantime, good luck.
  3. I have the previous model: AD3418DW + 2080SUPER. Amazing screen. With the previous card (GTX9604GB) there were games that I also reached 70FPS, but in the vast majority of games I was between 40-60FPS. I of course do not consider the games that would not have been possible to play at all without dramatic compromises in the settings. I estimate that by 2060 the situation will be better, but not far from it. In my opinion a screen with such a resolution requires 2080SUPER and above (and of course memory and processor that will not limit). By the way, the price sounds cheap (too) for a screen with an IPS and GSYNC panel of this size.
  4. Unequivocally yes, I have the same model. In terms of responsibility I guess they will say it eliminates, I have no idea and the truth does not really matter to me. Do not look at the afterburner because it only shows you the temperature of some random sensor in the core area, lower the GPU-Z and look at the memory. Just to clarify, I do not recommend you do this if you do not feel safe, I personally did it because it really annoyed me that such an expensive card does thermal throttling in games with such monstrous cooling and only because they skimped on fucking pads.
  5. Hi, I am interested in purchasing an external hard drive from WD through the Amazon USA website and I wanted to ask if there will be a warranty on the product like the warranty I will get if I buy in Israel? The price through Amazon is cheaper at 500-600 NIS and that is significant, but I am afraid Just because of the warranty issue ... I tried to contact WD two weeks ago and still have no answer .. If anyone has experience with this matter I would love to know!
  6. I personally would go for the pocophone x3 pro which costs in the 1000 range, it is very powerful relative to its price so I believe it will survive a lot of software updates before it slows down.
  7. Hello, looking for a recommendation for Bluetooth headphones, connected by a wire between them, to replace a pair of JBL reflect mini 2 that have stopped working on one side. It is important - that they sit well in the ear and do not fall (JBL reflect has such a silicone "finger" that goes into the earpiece), that they are comfortable, and with a long battery life. The main use is for listening to music and AudioBooks. I would love to hear testimonials from your experience.
  8. All attempts to open and associate text files with the familiar icon (blue notebook) were unsuccessful. Admittedly opens and saves text files fine, but without the familiar icon but in the form of a small page with lines so it looks like: the regular icon that should be is:
  9. There are two reasons to do OC: because you want to mess with it for fun and to see how much you can get out of the system or because your hardware is dying and you are trying to pull some more time with it. Since you do not seem to belong to any group just leave it.
  10. Using a UPS has 2 main purposes: First, stabilize the supply voltage to your load and protect it from power surges and drops. Second, give continuity to your load operation for a predetermined period of time even in the event of a power outage. The component you mentioned that plugs into the electrical outlet and feeds your load does not address either of these two goals. To the best of my knowledge the only thing it does is protect the load against surges caused after a power outage when in fact it disconnects your load for a few minutes and returns it to work from a starting point where the mains voltage has stabilized without really checking the mains voltage, which is exactly the opposite of what UPS does . If you are interested, I would be happy to recommend a device that will suit your needs
  11. From my use, it is the best browser I have used, in terms of convenience, security, real ad blocking including YouTube blocking and page loading speed. As for what avnyhow wrote in the comment, that's how I put it in bash and it did not work. From what I saw in a deeper scan on the net, probably because jetson nano uses an arm64 processor so this browser does not support such processors and a pity.
  12. The Internet provider guarantees you bandwidth for surfing within Israel. When browsing a site that is overseas, probably when it's on the other side of the Atlantic, there are a lot more loads, and bottlenecks, and bandwidth is not guaranteed.
  13. Yesterday
  14. In this review, we will review the experience and performance of a large laptop designed for a variety of uses - in modern branding from GIGABYTE and with NVIDIA's fresh RTX 3060 card for the article
  15. Try doing this with an open case that you can see if it is the cooling of the video card or the case.
  16. Steelseries arctis 7 Logitech g935 I have both at home and both are excellent, for me personally the G935 is more comfortable, but for my partner the arctis 7 is more comfortable. In terms of sound quality both are excellent for hearing and the microphone is mediocre in both (but more than enough for the vast majority of people). I did not pay much attention to the budget, this budget has the corsair void wireless that should be around.
  17. will help. A little, but better than nothing.
  18. Hello dear people, in light of successful experience more than once in this forum, try my luck again hoping to get help from you and your knowledge thanks in advance! 1. What is the maximum budget? Is an exception possible if necessary? 2500-3000 NIS, exception is possible. If not required, prefer not to reach the maximum budget. 2. What is the use of the computer (games, graphic editing, office work, HD content for example), is there a specific example of a game or software? Office work with an emphasis on software Profitable accounting (similar software - intelligence code, Priority) and emails in Office Outlook software 3. Is there a need for peripherals in addition to the computer (for example: keyboard, mouse, R.
  19. I want to create an option for storing a home network to which I can download the files from any device connected to the network and read from it. All photos from the devices will be stored in storage so I can see them from any device. In addition, video files will be stored that I can stream without downloading the files to each device individually. What options do I have? I read a bit about a NAS server, a bit expensive. Is it possible to produce such a form of storage in a high-quality and relatively inexpensive way? Thanks
  20. Compared to what? DELL? Hmmm at Asus you only have one year warranty, compared to the 3 included in the DELL price. It can be extended to three years with the addition of money. And I'm afraid that if God forbid something happens to an Asus laptop, you'll still miss Lenovo .... that does not mean that in DELL everything is pink, but relatively .... it's about "around", which is also very important. As a mobile itself, they are quite balanced, with a slight advantage to Asus in terms of screen, but really light. Both will stand with dignity in the tasks leading up to the degree. Both, as well as others. This is simply not a time to buy a mobile phone.
  21. The data is not in RMS of course but in Peak. These speakers are usually at most 15W-20W per speaker. By the way, 50 watts RMS is quite a bit and enough to fill a large space with high volume. Obviously hard to find, it will probably be possible to count on one hand the number of people who have bought a system of this type from 1990 onwards. The best and most effective solution for you would be to buy two high-quality amplified speakers / monitors that you can connect directly to a TV, computer, or gland module. There are quite a few companies for the domestic market like microlab, audioengine, edifier, swan that give full value for the price, or those that specialize in the professional market like tannoy, jbl, preson
  22. Last week
  23. If you want to enjoy the computer and get a computer worth the money I recommend you order a video card from abroad that will save you 1000+ shekels (this week it was 3070 at 3150 in Niue for example) and after that come here and we will put together a specification with the surplus. You can also try to buy video cards by hand Second like the 3060 in the 3000 range (the 3060 TI and 3070 are sold at significantly more expensive prices probably because they are very good for mining).
  24. LG UltraGear 27GL850-B I bought this screen recently and I'm on fire !! Highly recommend and meet your needs, 2K 144HZ with GSYNC \ FREESYNC. A small bonus, LG's Nano IPS panel.
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