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Rules and conditions of use

Site Rules and Forums

In the attempt to maintain a high level of discussion in the forum, it was decided on a number of rules that each user must know and implement.
Please take a few minutes to read these rules, understand and internalize them in order to save unpleasantness later. 

Content Posts:
  1. Misleading, inaccurate, crude, anti-Semitic, racist, sexually-oriented, threatening, invasive of the privacy of others, infringes copyright or any other content that violates the laws of the State of Israel are prohibited.
  2. Unusual, content-free messages, or any type of spam, are unacceptable. Please refrain from posting messages without any benefit to the discussion. For example, quoting an existing message without any additional content, do not contribute anything to the discussion. If you have an opinion similar to that of another person, expand it.
  3. Use proper language in your messages and maintain a culture of discussion. It is absolutely forbidden to accuse, curse, insult, insult, or defame any cause or other for any reason whatsoever.
  4. Forum is no chat! There are no private conversations on the forum, for this there is a private messaging system.

Discussions or messages that violate these laws do not correspond to the forum's framework and will be censored or deleted.

Be sure to write a topic-specific title (topic) for the discussion you are opening, the title should contain your general question or the essence of the topic of the discussion. Do not write any extra punctuation in the title.

A good and thorough headline will invite more people into your discussion and increase your chances of getting answers. In addition, an exhaustive title that contains the discussion topic can help other users find the discussion in the systemSEARCH In the forum. Please note that it is more aesthetically pleasing to enter a forum where discussions with relevant headlines than a forum full of messages such as "My brothers help me !!!!!!!!" Or "whoever finds me the king solution !!!!!!".

Jumping Discussions:
Bouncing discussions is the publication of two messages in a row in order to promote the discussion at the top of the list ("type" messages, etc.). Such bouncing is only allowed after 24 hours of posting the last comment in the discussion, unless new and relevant information is added.

Double Posting:
It is forbidden to open two identical discussions in forums. If you are not sure that you have opened the discussion in the right forum, it is the forum administrator's job to move the discussion to the right forum. There is no reason to flood the forums with questions of identity. This creates unnecessary mess in forums.

Open another discussion after closing:
The opening of another hearing, instead of a discussion that has been closed for any reason, without the explicit authorization of the forum leader who closed the discussion in the first place, is prohibited.

buying and selling:
Notices Buy and sell on forums or with forbidden signatures. If you want to buy or sell something do so atThe TradeZone system Which exists specifically for this purpose.
Buy and sell forum posts will be deleted without warning!

Mention of stores / Internet providers / mobile providers, etc .:
A reference to the entities listed above is permitted, as long as it is done by users who are not interested parties, in an appropriate and non-inflammatory manner.
Also, if you want to advertise yourself or your store on a paid site, see  This page.

Owners and employees of stores or companies:
In order to maintain objectivity and proper disclosure, any person working in any computer company (store / importer / distributor, etc.) must be identified as a representative of the company on any subject related to this company or any product it sells, distributes or markets.
The use of this forum for the publication of the Company or any product that the Company sells, distributes or markets without proper disclosure is strictly prohibited, in order to protect all users of the Forum. The interested party may not give specifications from the store where he works or recommend products from the forum.

The prohibition also applies to ordinary users who receive certain benefits from shops for their forum posts (sometimes referred to as "authorized specifications" by themselves) - which is absolutely forbidden.


An interested party / shop representative who wishes to advertise in a forum under an official profile will be able to do so only after coordination with the site's staff - More details on this page.

Authorized interested party (Only) who holds a valid active advertising subscriber - may participate in the relevant discussions in the Forum and publish himself in accordance with the due diligence that appears alongside his name.

The advertiser will be able to participate in the ongoing activities of the forum community while observing the rules and rules, like the rest of the community. The advertiser undertakes not to abuse the platform, prevent spam and respond to discussions only in their context. If the advertiser misuses the platform, they will initiate proceedings against him to the extent of delaying or revoking the subscription.
If the site staff is aware of any person or entity that uses the forum for the purpose of self-advertising, and contrary to the above guidelines, The site's staff reserves the right to act against that party in any way it chooses, including its exclusion from the Forum and other steps, as it sees fit.


Search usage:
Before opening a forum discussion, please do so SEARCH This is because there is a good chance that your question has been answered in the past. The forum has been around for a long time and is a huge database, as such it contains a large number of questions and answers accordingly. In order to quickly get the information you are looking for, please use the forum search system first before opening a new discussion.
Note that when you use a search you enter only keywords and not the entire question.
for example: Do not write in search "I can not see a picture in movies that are encoded in divx with Media Player", but "Picture Divx Movie" or "No Picture Media Player" or "Media Player Divx".

Signatures and pictures:

  1. Textual signature (text) is limited to 10 lines in the default font.
  2. A visual signature (image) is limited to 400x130 pixels, and a maximum of 100KB.
  3. A combination of the two will not exceed the size of the visual signature allowed.
  4. Avatar (image below name) is limited to 125x150 pixels, and a maximum of 50KB.

Please note that large, bumpy signatures damage the aesthetic and professional look of the forum and are also unpleasant to the surfer's eye. Heavyweight signatures make it difficult to load forum pages, and significantly slow down browsing for those with slow Internet connections.
Also, all applicable forum rules are also valid for signatures. Signatures and Avatars that exceed these restrictions will be deleted.

Duplicate users:
A user who receives any penalty that prevents him from using his user account (such as banning or silencing) and opening a new user account to avoid the penalty he received will be permanently banned from the site.


Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

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