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  1. Do what they did with GTA V. Take out consoles and let people pay. Spend two years on PC and squeeze some more money. 60 dollars for a two-year game that took 7 minutes to convert to a computer. Some people buy a copy for the console, and after that want improved graphics, so buy the PC version. Sheer greed and abuse of gamers.
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  2. I just donate from my own experience with network adapters on the power grid (this is my TPLINK set) - it works and it works well. Of course it depends on your investment level, and also on the speed rating of the adapters. They never reach the speed defined on the packaging of course. This is a speed you might get in laboratory conditions without any electronic and / or electrical interference. Home is not a sterile environment and there are always interruptions and noise on the power grid. First, the adapters are plugged directly into the wall outlet and not through an adapter. Otherwise either they will not work, or you will be a very serious premise quickly. But for video streaming, for example, I stream 4K without any problems from my home computer connected to the room (via the web company router), and of course able to transfer files or stream content from the Internet fairly quickly. (It ranges between 5-8 megabytes per second)
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