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  1. Let's start at the beginning - what exactly gets you to buy IVORY? After all, the prices are relatively expensive, the recommendations are poor and the installations are unprofessional and do not include effort tests. More computer meat market. Instead of a well-tailored replacement for your measurements. So suppose you were convinced and chose to make the store purchase perhaps smaller but high-tech experience and with expertise in HighEnd computers like the one you only ask for the cheapest prices in the country while also having a great service that also does not trouble you in time to go directly to the importer .. Now let's move on to the interesting stage - The specification you have built looks particularly awful and as a rule of thumb, the requirement for the brands you have mentioned does not appear at the top of the recommended list and may even be placed quite poorly but somehow you managed to hit everyone one by one! Maybe besides the Antec case and nVidia tickets that are actually recommended, all other choices are a disaster and if you are really interested, you can provide proof of each of the claims I spread here. So suppose you were convinced to get rid of the misconception you had about those brands you mentioned and move to the artistic part - HDD x6 ?! If I'm not mistaken this is the upper limit that the boards can hold. At least on AMD you actually require investing here in the X570 panel which is at the top of prices with no adequate justification for investment and just because you are not managing the information you are storing properly. You will undoubtedly have to invest once in a NAS system and even one that supports 6 BAY to serve your needs in information storage matters in a convenient, efficient and correct way with learning access from anywhere in the world at any given moment including a mobile app and everything needed. All of this will take away from the new computer a heavy mass of unnecessary requirements and then really we might be able to sum up the costs around the original amount you initially indicated: only NIS 5,000 and no more a cent. In summary: I ask you to investigate the NAS a bit and in particular SynBase 6BAY systems support to completely free themselves from store names and brands that may have accidentally found their way to your ears under a positive bill and take a little more seriously what the skilled forum members tell. Everyone here is a professional one by one and might be astonished at you - but at a few levels above any bargain you will meet behind the counter in a place like IVORY.
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