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  2. Also the screen is only 1920x1080 so it will not display 4K in terms of processor it will probably be able to play most of the movies that are 4K they will just be displayed at a lower resolution
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  3. The motherboard limits 1 x D-Sub port, supporting a maximum resolution of [email protected] Hz
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  4. If you're in a movie that has a private investigator after you, instead I would take care of a lot of more critical things before going into the bank account at a coffee shop.
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  5. Which computer? Which screen? Should you explain what you mean by "running 4K"? To work in office in 4K? To play movies in 4K? To play games in 4K?
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  6. Why are you misleading? Everything you wrote here is clearly not true. You probably have not sent anything in your life if that is what you are writing. 1. Sea delivery is always better than air. Air costs $ 4 per pound per day and costs about $ 1. 2. Days takes around 25 days. In what world does it take 3-4 months? 3. Video cards are a lot of weight, and a lot of volume. 4. The Corona has raised air freight prices between $ 8- $ 16 per pound. 5. Precisely because it is an expensive product, it will be in the interest of importers to pay as little as possible for shipping in order to earn more. (Mr. Economy) 6. Anything is better to bring by sea, both processors, motherboards, both SSDs and memories.
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  7. It is not clear how such illusory prices can be "protected". The importer has arrangements with manufacturers that he buys in bulk and therefore he buys the product at a cheaper price than we as a consumer buy from Amazon. In addition, its shipping is cheaper because it is seaworthy and it is a very large commodity. We both pay the same taxes and caps. If it is still cheaper for me to import on my own than to buy from an importer which is the whole essence of his profession, what do I need it for?
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  8. I understood your head. So you're right, this is really not a 'theft' in the literal sense that you can go and file a complaint against it with the police. But in our vernacular, 'theft' is when you take a sum that has exceeded the moral threshold worth taking, and most of us are not stupid consumers - even if you start your post with examples that try to present us as such, believe it or not - I'm pretty sure we're all pretty rational people. And know what theft is. Do not be surprised if more people in this thread will choose even more to avoid shopping in the country when you fall on us with this passive aggressive. Israel and a free economy are not a pair of words that come together, we are a country of monopolies / duopoly. There is a lot of decay here - we pay a lot more than Europeans and get a little more. "Communist" culture, "extreme socialist" culture, sorry? You talk like someone's spinning you importers (assuming you are, because you sound like SHILL even though I do not see a title in your username) your hand and forcing you to sell to us at such and such prices - we will just 'vote with the credit'. And we will criticize the pricing policy here in the country as much as we want, because there is no North Korean style censor here that prevents us from comparing with Europe and the US and understanding how much they oppress us in Israel. If you can sum up your message, it's something like Black, if you criticize their prices - coupons as they may be, you cheeky Israelis. "When the tickets come out, we will see where it is most profitable to buy. If you get off the tree when the prices from abroad arrive, what good? I am in favor of supporting Israelis and making an easy life for myself on the road, but I will not do spaghetti for the importers in the country.
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