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  1. The demand is insane. Hundreds of computers arrive in the morning and in the afternoon many sales people among them on the last computer. A less desirable side effect is that most reputable companies (HP, DELL, etc.) have approached Chinese manufacturers, buying equipment from them and putting their logo on it. Happens mostly on the cheapest computers. The warranty and service are fine but in practice this is a computer with quality control and Chinese materials.
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  2. A good way to learn the word "rather" is in the following joke: Yossi: Teacher If you were called Mina I would sort you out. Teacher: But my name is Xena Yossi: On the contrary!
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  3. Chances are you could put an AMD card in that budget. CPU: 679 ₪ - * Sale * - SIX Core i5 10400F 2.9Ghz-4.3Ghz Comet Lake S1200 Tray CPU air cooling: 49 ₪ - Arctic Alpine 11 Rev.2 Motherboard: 384 ₪ - * Sale * - Gigabyte B460M DS3H Memory: 299 ₪ - * Sale * - XPG 16G (2X8G) DDR4 3200Mhz CL16 GAMMIX D10 RED Video card: 2729 ₪ - * New train Computer * - ZOTAC GeForce RTX3070 8G D6 Up To 1725Mhz Twin Edge Hard Disk: 509 ₪ - WD Blue 1T SN550 NVMe R / W Up To 2400 / 1950MB / s 5 Year Warranty Power Supply: 359 ₪ - GIGABYTE G750H 750W GOLD
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