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  1. You should read a little more about Bitcoin before you become its missionary. For example, read in small print here. And there are more full sources that you are welcome to look for yourself. This wonder called Bitcoin, which no one controls and which will finally be released From the tyrannical co-operatives that control us, it's all one big bullshit. The Bitcoin backbone is dominated by huge mining groups from the most degrading and immoral country in the world called China. If bictoin becomes a mainstream investment and payment tool then we are all in big trouble. If I have to choose between something that is controlled by Chinese companies and Western central banks and corporations that are at least subject to some kind of regulation (whether more or less successful) then it is pretty clear which side I choose to be on.
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  2. אצלי זה הוריד 15-20 מעלות ב-IDLE.
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  3. Stop fucking the mind. None of the "1.7 billion adults" you claim "have no bank account" hold Bitcoin for personal consumption. None of the "quarter of households in the United States" that you claim "do not have a bank account" do not hold bitcoin for personal consumption. None of the "million Israelis" that you claim "do not have a bank account" do not hold bitcoin for personal consumption. One person on earth who owns Bitcoin for personal consumption. (And if there was such a lone person then he is a serious idiot, because he holds a "" "" currency "" "" "that tomorrow morning could lose half of its" "value" "and no one Will not care) there is no connection between the numbers you throw and the bitcoin and the fact that it is a casino that everyone who enters it does so for the purpose of speculative gambling. I said?
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  4. Long charging times. Sweet potato server. Aggressive cache, almost always knows that if the page loads too fast then it needs to be refreshed because it is old. In the cache mobile is so aggressive that even a refresh does not solve the problem. I have to browse from the desktop computer for rent to browse here. Too much overlay, why need the sticky menu up and down the uploaded content that is not related to the forum. Was much better than a fast-paced minimalist forum. * The discussion here will be deleted like the other discussions opened on the subject
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  5. -Long loading times -Once you would see the alerts also on the main page, a few months ago changed that, and now have to go into the forums tab to see alerts, just awkward, if it worked great why change.
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  6. Suggests that you give some points for improvement so that it will be constructive reviews. I will use the discussion to bring up some points that I think are quite problematic 1. The site is loaded with some cache, it's just awful and awful. You do not see new articles as they come up and many times you do not see new posts added to the discussions. I keep finding myself pressing CTRL + F5 for the site to work properly. It is very simple to add one line to the code of the site that will tell it not to load what cache. 2. The matter of auto-scrolling on the main page is a spin but why does it appear on every page of the forum? When you get to the end of the discussion and keep scrolling you start to see all the articles from the main page. Really unnecessary in my opinion.
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