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  1. This is exactly the part I mentioned and said you do not have. Remove a suitable screw from the bag and set the bracket in place.
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  2. Hi, I and I am sure that about 90 percent of those who read here will be happy to buy tickets from him if he wants. Selling tickets during this period is really simple.
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  3. The problem I understand is divided into two vectors: in the level of Nvidia this is competition with the miners and they are what to do, willing to pay much more than a domestic / private consumer, because it pays off in their business aspect, as a production line machine they need in their factory and so they measure it. Even if you pay double for the machine yes, it still makes them profits. And so they are pretty much killing this market for home consumers who are not willing / able to pay double for the product. At AMD's level, its products in this generation are less attractive to mine (thankfully), but the problem is different, supply-side supply. AMD managed to get a share of 150 silicon wafers per quarter from TSMC and that is already very impressive, but not beyond that even though it could have doubled even if it had only been allocated for it. The rest of the production at 7nm goes to other TSMC customers, who also need this production infrastructure for their products. From the allocation that AMD received for 150 silicon wafers in the quarter, 120 armored to create Macrosoft and Sony console chips, an 80% share of oil as stated, as a result of AMD's contractual obligations to supply about 9 million processors per quarter. Annual rate of 36 million. Which is the rate at which consoles are sold globally in a normal year. In Corona's year this too is not enough and there are shortages in the consoles on the shelves. Which leaves only a small share of only 20% (30 silicon wafers) for everything else that AMD produces, including processors and video cards, for all segments all together, ie for servers and laptops. As a result, the volume of video cards and Risen 5000 processors for the home / private consumer is very small, probably on the order of only a tenth of what it used to be. And that's the result. Unfortunately this is not going to change in the foreseeable future, AMD's commitment to continue to supply chips to consoles exists at the same time and does not end, and output at TSMC at 7nm is not going to grow any more as they have moved to the 5nm generation. Which means that whoever wants another production share at TSMC should already order an allotment on the 5nm production line at a price that is sky high, and that's what it's. Except that right now the whole creature at 5nm is drinking Apple and pretty much letting no one else take anything. Every new plant that starts producing 5nm right now Apple is taking on its full capacity. It is willing to pay the most money of all, and TSMC of course chooses the most serious / big / heavy customer who pays the most of all below Apple. This is one of the reasons why Apple products are expensive by the way, not only this, but one of many grandparents. Its customers pay a premium to ride the latest lithography in the industry. IPhone is a premium product and its A14 processor is manufactured in the latest lithography that has = 5nm today. In the duopoly of chipmaking in the world, Samsung's situation is quite similar, it has the older 8nm that NVIDIA managed to grab this year, and it has the newest and most expensive 5nm, which only huge and rich customers like qualcomm can afford. So AMD and NVIDIA were not left with too many choices. We will probably be carrying on this infrastructure 7 / 8nm for an entire year and the shortages will continue to dominate the area as long as this mining boom is not over. At least on the Nvidia side there is hope that if the mining is over, the problem will be solved. On the AMD side there is no optimistic horizon in the coming year and until it can allocate itself something from a 5nm slice at TSMC. And even when you do get a share, it will be a little expensive because everyone will fight for an allotment at TSMC in this lithography. Therefore the next generation that AMD is planning on 5nm, including Risen 6000 and RDNA3, will probably also suffer from significant shortages just as they suffer today on 7nm of its current products. We are in an age where there are only two advanced lithography providers TSMC and Samsung, and the whole industry and its sister want them. So there is a limited supply, there is hardly any sky (a combination of mining + a new generation of consoles launched + a corona that the three of them joined together at the same time), and we are in trouble.
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  4. Maybe you will find a hobby? Maybe if it's so close to your heart you'll study chemistry or medicine?
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  5. WhatsApp shot itself in the foot. People will not approve of it. The problem at least for me, that before that I did not know they were doing it (like you sign an agreement with a cellular company and give you a 20-page contract). Here they come and write in a wavy brush. Me and other friends were on our way out too. If they leave this request they will continue to lose customers. There is a difference between one company collecting information and a situation where you are cross-referenced data from different accounts. At least that's how I see it.
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  6. I noted that it is not possible to purchase in the country. I did not find in the Chinese the bracket identical to the bracket pattern in the case. Therefore, if it bothers you a lot and you have no problem investing NIS 16.45 in exchange for 10 brackets, order and replace all the brackets. Good luck.
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  8. If you look closely you will see that these are pieces of iron that break them when disassembling, if you want to plug it you need another cover that attaches with screws. Once upon a time all these lids were with screws but in cheap cases try to save every penny and that is the result.
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  9. There are cases that the manufacturer himself leaves the place open, but attaches a closure in the package with the screws and mounts. If your case came with a built-in bracket and someone "broke" it it is not possible to return the part that was. Note that the other clasps in your case are understandable and can be disassembled, but cannot be returned. Disclosure, I'm assembling and selling computers. I would take care to close the "hole" with some black bracket. By the way - do you plan to add a video card to the system in the future? If so, you will need to make room for video card ports anyway.
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  10. Good morning friends, we completed the two measurements in 4K that we owed you from yesterday for the 6800xt card (see two posts above from this post). And now we have all 8 measurements on both cards as required on 4K. We summed up the average in the two 1440P and 4K measurements, and the findings in the aforesaid comparison are: 1440P resolution has an average advantage of about 10.3 percent in favor of our 6800xt compared to our 3080. 4K resolution has an average advantage of about 7.3 percent in favor of our 6800xt compared to our 3080. See that in 4K the 3080 narrows the gap by 3%. This is not surprising and we already know that empirical architecture places more emphasis on restoration compared to geometry, and this is reflected in the above findings. What was expected. We are now waiting for the rest of the tickets to arrive and for further measurements. Hope you enjoy as much as we enjoy, and another second lanzar throws at me a shoe that I pronounce "Alek enjoys" ... because I enjoy, I just write, he works hard and sweats ... and he also pays a ton of money for the necessary purchases.
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