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  1. If the purpose of the computer is games the processor does not play a role anyway if you plan to use a resolution above 1080P or if you do not buy a video card for NIS 5000, if the computer does not carry and you want to upgrade, upgrade, if you can wait wait. In terms of prices at Amazon / US Trump has imposed tariffs on importing certain goods from China to the US (until 2021 it has not caught on to computer parts and may be able to abolish taxes on them later) so every purchase from the US has gone up since then.
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  2. Yes from the headphone port on the TV, which is analog. For analog input on the receiver, I see you can connect to the inputs AUDIO1 \ AUDIO 2.
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  3. First post in the forum, chooses to comment on a discussion from two years ago. Sounds absolutely believable ...
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  4. I moved to the company a year ago and I am definitely satisfied. 24 hour service and support, the speed is really good compared to other companies recommended!
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