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  1. My recommendation in printing is actually not to try to align in editing by printers unless you really need to create something very specific for exhibitions or you are only printing there and do not intend to print again in a few years with the same file. The recommendation is to create one global edit. Because of the clutter in all cmyk color management so my recommendation to photographers (not print graphic artists) is to use the SRGB profile for the screen and also for the display in the editing software and also for printing. SRGB is a profile that is considered to be the profile of the web and is also best suited for display on most devices and software, although most of the simple screens do not cover all the color space in it. Industrial printers know render close-up even though they also do not cover the entire color range of SRGB. Since for printing there are also photographers who prefer to use RGB profiles that are even wider than SRGB such as ADOBE RGB with suitable screens for controlling the saturation in print (however the print must be updated before it is the poet's intention) but it also means creating a separate version that will be SRGB for Online display and for the general population. Anyway if you are going to print at a printing house then you will usually be advised to keep as cmyk as this is the usual recommendation and in theory it should be ideal if we were living in an ideal world. It is worth asking at a printing house what they recommend and if there is a famous seller profile they recommend such as Gracol 2006 or something else. Every printing house will usually have the person who knows what to recommend to you according to their printers. However, each CMYK profile will look different in print and sometimes you can render the print by profile even after (whether it is in the software through which it is sent for printing or in the printer controller).
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