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  1. Well then after the bad service I got from the manager of the Eilat branch - Sheeran who twice ran the fans back and forth and teased me and my dad from Ashkelon to Eilat (it turns out that all he had to do was send it to the lab - to Dvir in Netanya) and not try to be a great sage And tell me "the fans are okay" because they were not okay, and the fact that he does not understand the field, and he is not a technician - just teased me more, instead of doing what every customer service person would do a referral to the lab !! And that was the end of it in a few hours. (Credit me, wanted to return full money, I said no - I asked for a mouse instead - and got them - new properly packed, everything was fine) So like this: Suddenly last week, one morning, my computer started to have problems and crashed .. Code error on motherboard In QLCD it was 55 (says there are no memories installed) even though there were 4 RGB 4X8 dominators straight I realized it was the memory .. after a little clarification, it turns out that one of my quartet was knocked out. It was Wednesday .. I called them, they came back to me after half an hour Thursday they had already arranged a delivery for me - arrived that day really, Thursday, and the memories were taken .. Sunday at 11 in the morning, I called Dvir from the lab at TMS in Netanya "Yes Aviram, the memory is already Tested, found to be defective, will send to an importer, who will probably give you a new kit ..) because I bought two kits of 16, so of course I had to send the second stick that came with it .. well then today is Monday, and the memories came back to me a little while ago (Not yet assembled on the computer, but I got a new kit, what are the chances of there being a problem? Zero, I hope even if there is this or that problem I hope not to be with them, it is not their fault, as I got new opaque memories in their original packaging. So Dvir said he believes That it will arrive by Wednesday Thursday, and here it is less than 3 working days it has already gone back checked, passed in the lab and at the importer and it is fast - agile - efficient and good !! Really wish every customer to receive such service (from Kirill who turns out he handled my order) thing Another, which is important to note, the delivery costs 45 shekels from me to them - although the memories were about a month old, it means that I have to pay for this delivery but not wipe The money from me included, the store absorbed these shipments on their account. Needless to say, it's not your fault the memory went bad. So Kirill, and Dvir in short in one word inhale! Aviram Ohana.
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  2. Occasionally the screen appears black for 2-3 seconds.
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  3. You should switch the power supply to a higher quality model. By my little test, the power supply made me black screens on the RX 5700 XT video card. Sometimes the Israeli electricity grid has momentary micro-interruptions that can have an effect. It is possible to connect 2 separate PCI-E cables from the power supply to reduce the phenomenon but it does not completely solve it. ANTEC HCG650 would be a better choice
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