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  1. Bottom line such a specification for a 60HZ screen is pretty overkill, because no matter how much FPS you get over 60 it will be pretty redundant. Recommend freeing up or saving some extra amount for a screen of at least 120+ HZ. I am with 75HZ and the gap is very noticeable from 60 and also from 120 and 144 respectively (above already quite unnecessary).
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  2. Processors used to have a static frequency. That is, the frequency was constant and unchanged, no matter what the processor would do. Today it is no longer like that. The CPU's logic is much more sophisticated and it knows how to change its frequency according to the load and power it needs at that moment. The power consumption also varies depending on the load of the processor at that given moment (which is why this figure changes and needs to be measured at the moment of load). There are many sites with written reviews (the site here is one of the examples), there is tomshardware, there is anandtech, and there are also YouTube channels that focus on the technology world like gamers nexus, there is linus tech tips, there is Paul's Hardware ... you can start with Some of these, and YouTube will already give you in the videos on the side more related recommendations
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  3. At first you click on add-ons and add the ublock origin plus. Then you click on the ublock origin and it has more internal settings. In Firefox theory there are other settings that could also contribute such as the tracking protection that you can set or put on strict or set manually. But that's something else. Some of this also coincides with the ublock. @ law89
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  4. Hi Welcome to the forum! The best idea is to stay away from Mac / Apple computers. You can get a system for almost half the price.
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