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  1. The display and sharp touch are on this computer. You will need to replace the entire monitor unit either by yourself or with the help of a lab / technician. Also expensive among the Chinese ->
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  2. Recommend avoiding a TV that is not 1080P. When screening movies on TVs that are less than that, the pixels do not sit exactly in the place so you see less sharp than you can imagine if the image fills the entire screen. I think this is a trick for people to see better on FULL HD.
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  3. Because it's comparing apples to ... zucchini ... I mean, two different things. In fact, it's rare to find a 32 - inch TV screen in FHD. Why ? This is how it was decided in the industry. On TV you see different content for different purposes than those on a computer screen. Hence also the differences between them.
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Sony's Power Show

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