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  1. @ Moon-Mage I ordered the panel through Sidi Log (I corresponded with them by email) - made me a personal order whatsoever - if you did not buy the case through them / an authorized importer they will not order you the panel (this is their condition). I bought the case through "Wellcome" so there was no problem for Sidi Log. Indeed, the shipment took at least a month and a half days, when the product reached them they sent it to Valkam and they had already contacted me that the product had arrived. It cost 60 shekels.
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  2. I will try to help with what I eat. First thing in most built-in sound cards then the operating system runs what is called enhancement or a type of possible plugins some of which work with the same sound card exclusively. My recommendation is usually to cancel them all as they distort the natural sound signature. You can do this by going into sound settings, clicking on the sound card and from there getting to enhancement and clicking on disable all enhancement. Then in the window next you can check the sample rate and make sure it is in a range of at least 16bit and 44khz and no less. I would also recommend activating in the same window the options for exclusive mode just in case and you are using software that can take advantage of that. Now if you have an option on the label next to it called Spatial sound or Dolby something, I would also recommend disabling it as it can also distort the sound signature and for the most part it is less advisable to activate these things, especially with built-in cards. In theory if your sound card comes with some built-in equalizer or external software, I would recommend setting it to neutral settings (or even deleting that software). Hope some of the things I said will help you. Good luck. @ Guy950
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