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  1. These two boards are great, if there is a feature you need and there is only one for you on one of them. Note that the Oros Pro has a model without WiFi at all and also a model with WiFi 5 and not six
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  2. Come turn on ray tracing and enjoy what your slide show is.
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  3. All on paper I for one do not take a mortgage on a video card gets along with the gtx 1080ti as long as these crazy prices do not balance they will go to hell Noida and amd
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  4. Do you need resources? My eyes are an excellent source and the drop in quality is almost the same as just playing at a lower resolution, which is exactly what it does only after that it passes a smoothing filter so there are not too many edges, it looks shocking and brings up most of the small details in all scenes Galaxy like DLSS 2.0 but hopefully like DLSS 1.0 and 2.0 there will be a significant improvement later on. But even the comparison to DLSS is not entirely accurate because DLSS is a tool with dedicated hardware and custom software only and it is a general filter. By and large it looks like watching a 720P on a 4K TV from 2017 and not one of Sony's overly successful ones.
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