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  1. Hi to all the programmers 🙂 My name is Elad, Software Practical Engineer. I am looking to program with a few other people who are beginner / junior programmers for one-two-more projects, so we will gain experience in the field and prepare well for high-tech work as programmers, because without projects ready in the portfolio and without experience it is very difficult to get a job. Once we have completed a number of projects in addition to the knowledge and experience gained, the goal is to present the projects in a LinkedIn profile and / or a resume. I am referring to a project where a website was built as a Full Stack Developer. I program in HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, I have knowledge and I would love to start writing a site in ReactJS, and on the server side - C # and SQL server I would love if you would like to join and create such a new group (the goal is to sit for a few hours every day), or if you know a similar group I would be happy to join my offer. You can always try 🤗 Thank you, Elad
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  2. I will add that in my opinion, even when the prices are not equal, unless the gap is very high, one must take the pro. If only for the GROUP POLICY and the ability to control updates. In PRO you control the operating system. In HOME the operating system controls you.
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  3. All the fibers work great and give you full speed, no matter if they are from Bezeq, Hot, Unlimited, Partner, Cellcom .. If there is fiber, no matter whose = it is better than without fiber.
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