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Rules and conditions of use

Site Terms of Use and Privacy Policy


HWzone is an online magazine that provides its users with computer and technology content. The site is open to the general public and its use constitutes acceptance of the terms of use presented below.


The Parties:

This agreement is an agreement between you (the user) and the website, its owners, operators, administrators, and its power holders (hereinafter: the website, the website owners) and all other users of the website (hereinafter: the users). This agreement is binding and exhaustive and its purpose is to regulate the relationship between the user, the site and the users. The site may change the terms of use at any time as well as restrict them to a specific user, or condition specific terms on a specific user by means of a notice.



  • The site owners will do their best to keep the site available. However, the owners of the site do not guarantee that the site services will operate as normal, without interruptions and / or malfunctions, and they may stop the management of the site, writing on it or operating it altogether at their sole discretion. You will not have a claim regarding loss of access, content or information, or any other claim due to temporary or permanent unavailability, and / or deletion of all or part of the site.



  • All copyrights and intellectual property on the site - including the moral rights, design, computer code, graphic files, text and any other material contained therein, including content submitted by the surfers - belong to the site owners. No part of the above may be distributed, reproduced, copied, publicly displayed or given to a third party without the prior written consent of the site owners, including full and / or partial copying, screenshots, use of trademarks and / or logos and / or slogans, Translation, re-editing and so on.
  • Any breach of this provision will result in agreed damages of 20,000 for each violation for the proprietary right and 10,000 for any breach of moral right.


Absence of responsibility:

  • The services provided on the site are provided for use as is and without any warranty. There will be no claim, demand or demand against the owners of the site due to the nature of the services offered by the site, whether they are limited, tailored to your needs, or the reactions that will result in the publication of information or information on your behalf on the site.
  • The user absolves the site owners from any responsibility regarding the publications. Some of the content may be of a factual nature or professional advice, however, this information should not be construed as professional advice and especially not as reliable information. Any information brought to the presumption of fact on the site is not such unless otherwise stated and should not be relied on under any circumstances. The site will not be liable in any case, also, for damages caused to users in cases where information was leaked, the website was hacked, content was corrupted, their privacy was violated by disclosing information that was only available to the site (such as email addresses or other private information). from him.
  • Site owners do not undertake that the information provided by other users will be complete, correct, accurate or appropriate to your expectations and therefore will not be held responsible for any decisions you make.
  • The site owners do not guarantee that there will be a response to the messages that will be posted on the various site systems or the nature of the responses received. The site owners will not be held liable for the responses and identity of the applicants or for any result that results from the publication of these messages. The site owners will not be responsible for any misuse by third parties of the information you publish on the site's systems.
  • The owners of the site will not bear any responsibility for the content of the ads and commercial information published on the site. Advertising is not a recommendation or encouragement to purchase the services or products offered for sale.
  • External links - from time to time, links to external sites or framing of third-party services will be published on the site, whether in a caption or separately. For the avoidance of doubt, the site owners do not own these sites unless otherwise stated and they are not under its control unless expressly stated otherwise. The site is not responsible for the correctness of the external links and is not responsible for the content presented in them.
  • E-mail address harvesting - The user is strictly forbidden to scan the site for e-mail addresses or for any other use that may be used for commercial or other purposes by automatic or manual means. Any violation of this section is a material breach of the Use Agreement and may result in the blocking of an IP address complex as well as the taking of legal action.
  • External services - the site will be allowed to use, among other things, external services in order to provide content for the site as well as the site content in a more efficient manner. The use of these services is subject to the terms of use of these services only and no claim will be made regarding these services against the site. (In non-legal language: If you sign up for email updates and the update service sends you spam, the claim is against the update service and not the site). The Site may also use third party services to provide part of the Site experience, such as viewing videos, commenting, linking to other sites or voting on posts, these Services may have different terms of use and privacy policies, and the user will be subject to them as well.


Advertising content:

  • The Site may display, from time to time, advertisements or advertising content of third parties for the promotion and marketing of products or services. The presentation of these contents will be done either in advertising banner, in advertisements or sponsored articles, or in any way that the site owners think fit. You are aware that some of the Website's revenues are due to these services and you will have no claim against the advertisements.
  • The site will not be responsible for the content of ads that will be published by third parties and will not be in their favor.
  • Any transaction that occurs following an ad or information published on the Site will be concluded directly between you and the advertiser concerned. The site owners are not a party to any such transaction, and they will not be responsible for the services and goods that will be offered in ads that are published on or purchased through the site.

  • Use of the Site constitutes, beyond any agreement given and / or otherwise given by you, your consent to join the Site's mailing list and / or the receipt of any advertising and / or other material from the Site - subject to your right to notify you of your wish to discontinue receipt of such material at any time By removing you from the service.


User Content:

  • The site allows the submission and presentation of surfer content in a variety of ways, such as comments in articles (talkbacks), participation in forums and more. This content is the sole responsibility of its authors and is not the responsibility of the site owners.
  • You agree that by using this site, you will not intentionally post material that is false, defamatory, inaccurate, crude, antisemitic, sexually explicit, threatening, intrusive to others, infringes copyright, or any other material that violates the laws of the State of Israel. . You also agree not to publish any copyrighted material unless the copyright is yours, or you have the consent of the copyright holder.
  • Your use of the site constitutes a clear agreement that you are exempting the site owners from any responsibility for the content you publish on the site, and you declare that you have reviewed them prior to publication and that you will indemnify the owners of the site for any damage caused to them by the publication of the content.
  • The site reserves the right to remove / modify any content sent by users at its discretion in order to maintain the good order and proper functioning of the site.
  • Please note that it is not possible for us to continuously check all the contents of the site. If you encounter a problem with the content of the site (incorrect information, false, unclear, etc.) you are requested to contact the site or responsible for the content as soon as possible in order for us to investigate the problem. We reserve the right to remove material that violates the Rules if we find it necessary.
  • Site owners have the exclusive right to delete comments, disapprove comments that require approval, and even block you completely from commenting on the site. For the avoidance of doubt, the site is the exclusive property of the site owners and they are not obligated to post any comments.
  • You hereby grant the Site Owners a worldwide, free, irrevocable, unlimited license, including the creation of a sublicense, to publish, to dramatize or to perform any other action in any content sent by you to the Site. For the avoidance of doubt it is hereby clarified that even if you decide to delete your registered user on the site, the site reserves the right to keep and display the contents that you have previously attached anonymously if requested by you.
  • You may not publish any commercial, advertising or marketing content without the consent of the site owner. This content includes, inter alia, the publication of marketing content and / or content containing links to other sites, for the purpose of their commercial promotion or for the purpose of making personal profit. These publications include links to affiliate programs on commercial sites or receiving any kind of benefit from these publications, and any publication of such content will require you to distribute 10,000 NIS for each month or part of it that the content was Available, and monthly storage of 10 NIS for each word in the published content.For the avoidance of doubt, this charge is permanent and does not depend on the actual advertising results, and will also take place if the content in question is deleted from the site shortly thereafter.


Paid Services:

  • Some of the use of the services offered on the site involves a fee, the rate of which will be determined at the discretion of the site owners. If you have chosen to purchase a paid subscription, you hereby agree to the terms of payment as displayed on the purchase page.
  • You may notify at any time of cancellation of the subscription by sending an e-mail to the address [email protected]. It is hereby clarified that refunds will not be accepted against payments made for the subscriber, even if the user has decided to terminate the subscription before the end of his period.
  • In the event that this Agreement is breached, the Site owners may terminate your use of the Site without notice and without notice, and shall not be responsible for any damage caused to you or to a third party following termination of the Service.


Privacy Policy:

The owners of the site appreciate your privacy and have therefore formulated this Privacy Policy to clarify what information is maintained by them and how they treat it.

By using the Site you agree that the Site Owner will collect and use this information in accordance with this Policy.

  • The owners of the site maintain information provided by you, information provided by others and information provided to the site during your browsing, including information you provided when you published content on the site.

  • When you post to the Site, your identifying information (including your IP address) is stored in the system. If you are suspected of committing unauthorized actions that violate this Agreement or the laws of the State of Israel, the site owners reserve the right to disclose and / or disclose your identity (or any other information they may have) to authorized parties or the alleged victim.

  • Site owners maintain statistical information about the users of the site, such as the amount of views, the nature of browsing, as well as the pages referring to the site (HTTP Referrer), the searches that led to the site, the type of browser used, the operating system and more.

  • Site owners may use third parties for the provision of services, including services that enable registration on the site such as Facebook or Google, services that allow the sending of emails such as SendGrid, and statistical services such as Google Analytics - some of which have a different privacy policy than this policy. For this purpose, you are required to review the privacy policies of these services from time to time, and to check your consent.

  • The site owners will use information provided by you or collected by the site to provide you with the services offered by the site owners, including targeted advertising and personalized content.

  • In order to view the information stored about you, you will be required to send an e-mail to the address [email protected] And ask for it. For this purpose, you will be required to provide the site owners with information that enables your unambiguous identification as the owner of the information.

  • In order to remove the information stored about you, you will be required to send an e-mail message to the address [email protected] And ask for it. For this purpose, you will be required to provide the site owners with information that enables your unambiguous identification as the owner of the information.


Change Agreement:

  • The site owners reserve the right to change this agreement from time to time without giving notice thereof in advance. In this case, the new agreement will be in effect even if a different agreement appears at the time of registration. It is your responsibility to make sure you know the latest terms of use.
  • The provisions of this Agreement are added to all other provisions of the Agreement located on the Site and in the event of any discrepancy, they prevail.


Third Parties

The IPS spam system
The IPS Spam Defense Service is a trusted source of information.
SendGrid is used by this website to process and deliver emails.
This site uses CAPTCHA to ensure people are performing certain actions. The CAPTCHA provider may set a session cookie and get information about your website.
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