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  1. I just wanted to say that if you add a link it will appear cool, below:
  2. How much has passed? You are probably talking about the period when cellular accounts were closed for hundreds of shekels (if not thousands of shekels) a month. Today, when the average bill is around NIS 30 a month, they no longer really do that.
  3. Do not know any difference between the two types you described. This is a fairly basic product - a device that is a cellular receiver and a cellular transmitter. Antenna in input and an antenna in output. There are of course different intensities and different frequencies, but in the end it just "increases range". All the other stories that might be trying to sell you - that they will try ... I did not understand who you were trying to contact and why someone would meet you? Order and try. Not satisfied return. Note that the purpose of these products is to put the antenna of the input where there is reception - the device amplifies the signal and then transmits it through the output antenna inside the house, so that there will be reception where it has not been until now. But you must have a point with absorption.
  4. I think you are confused between your eyes and your imagination .... Apple is at its peak and selling like hot cakes. You can go on to tell yourself that you are a "smart consumer" and therefore do not buy Apple products, which is fine, but to say that "the world is voting out of pocket" (in non-buying Apple products) is simply very far from the truth.
  5. Because a "computer" (especially a laptop) is not just the technical data of the processor and the amount of memory. And that's fine if you think otherwise, but "The Bitten Apple Company" is one of the largest companies in the world today so you're probably in the minority ... The truth is that the first ARM computer came out this year (another month or two months) and it will probably be the MacBook Pro 13 (Or 14? Do not know). In terms of performance - there is no doubt at all that it will be more efficient and cost-effective than previous computers with Intel processors (more powerful in custom software, longer battery life, cheaper price). As for backward compatibility - it will exist. The level of performance in the software that will work in "compatibility mode" is not clear, but it will most likely be within the limit.
  6. Not really, on a Mac for example this means that the image is processed before it is sent to the screen, which hurts the quality and leads to additional disadvantages: Look here: "macOS will render the entire screen to a virtual canvas , then bitmap scale it up or down to the desired size. The result is blurry pixels, higher memory usage, more work for the GPU to do, and shorter battery life for laptops. You want to use the “default for this display” setting , if you can. It's better quality, faster, and gives longer battery life "
  7. Are you talking about this reaction? I do not know how to tell you this, but the article was published on the site about 4 hours before your response ... so if anyone already needs to pardon the other with credit .....
  8. Are you a "professional gamer"? You wrote "play sometimes" ... with all due respect "normal" people do not really need 144Hz, it is for those who know he wants it. Anyone who does not know he wants it - probably does not need it either. Regarding 4K or not, keep in mind that 4K on a 27 "screen gives you a non-ideal PPI - you will probably use zoom regularly, so you will miss the point anyway. I recently bought the DELL P2720DC (2K resolution) and I am very pleased with it .If you insist on 4K then there is the U2720Q but in my opinion it is unnecessary.
  9. Indeed it sounds like this is the case, Fn + F5 will activate the regular "F5". Pressing Fn + Caps Lock at the same time will probably replace the default, then the F buttons will behave normally and pressing Fn + F will activate the special functions, instead of the other way around.
  10. A lot of people like to throw out the term “deal denial” ... you can’t make a deal denial a deal that you don’t really deny the one that happened. If you received different terms / different product, etc. than you agreed - it sucks, but that does not mean that the deal did not take place, and you may find yourself paying fines for denying a false deal. In such cases the credit card company will send you to resolve the dispute with the vendor. Have you tried 442070310791+? First + then the number you have, when -44 is the prefix of the country by the way. This is the correct way to dial, if it does not work contact your cellular provider, you probably do not have a default overseas call provider. According to the company's website, this is a landline number: http: /
  11. Lol you did not want me to share Mazap reviews now as a source of information ...
  12. For the upcoming winter, you should get to know "Dronbarla" - or Rafantria if you like
  13. The implication of the response is that I do not know professional review sites / YouTubers who do this: it might happen on all kinds of tin sites / YouTubers whose credibility is already in doubt / does not exist ..
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