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  1. Another point to think about - slowly all fiber companies are now starting to charge installation fees, very high (450-900 NIS). If you cancel in principle the order you already have, you may want to return to them in the future - it will cost you a lot of money. .
  2. Cancel the deal and then what? Will you go back to the internet for 100 on 5 (at best) mega that will cost you even more? And all this for the principle of using your personal router?
  3. All the fibers work great and give you full speed, no matter if they are from Bezeq, Hot, Unlimited, Partner, Cellcom .. If there is fiber, no matter whose = it is better than without fiber.
  4. It's unlikely to be "better" than the competition, in the end it's the same product. Because they decided they wanted to be more expensive.
  5. I do not know if they are better than the competition or not (my bet: no) but rest assured that is not why they are more expensive. At the same time, fiber is always going to be better than "old" internet. So if Bezeq are the only ones who have fiber infrastructure for you - it's better than nothing.
  6. The fact that the server you are testing is on the other side of the Atlantic.
  7. interesting. But note that in any case it is years ahead (and it is quite likely that it will be postponed further, because .. this is how it is), a lot can change both in terms of bills and in terms of the technical infrastructure of companies in the country ..
  8. It seems to me that we have exhausted ... Even so, this discussion has become just a blog of 1-2 people trying to pump up the pyramid scam known as "Bitcoin".
  9. After all the flood of comments you post here in favor of Bitcoin, maybe it's time to properly disclose the amount of bitcoins you hold? If the quantity is greater than 0, then you have a clear interest in causing its "value" to increase.
  10. Do not know where you came to these conclusions. For the price of an annual 2TB cloud subscription you buy a 4TB external drive that will hold you for much more than one year ... Cloud backup is only useful if you need the files available out of the house, which is fine, but I did not talk about that. A hard drive is a product that holds the most important thing on your computer (files), and is a product that by definition will die one day without warning. You want each file to always have at least two physical copies. Whoever does not want this is his right, then he will come here and open discussions on where it is possible to recover information from a dead drive, and will be shocked by the prices
  11. Congratulations, your drive is going to die. I understand it's new and has no files on it yet, so you can be super happy - you've got an important lesson for life completely free. If your files are important to you, then all this discussion about hard drives you need to do at a 2x multiplier. That is, if you need 8TB, you need to buy 2 physical drives of 8TB. One for backup. Otherwise you are just betting on your files that may disappear one bright day.
  12. A piece of idiot, the point was to prove that the only use you make with Bitcoin (other than gambling) is to convert it back into dollars. If * theoretically * you were told now that the technology that technically converts Bitcoin to real money (dollars or any other currency) no longer exists - you will be stuck with a computer file that is worth nothing. You have nothing to do with it other than convert it into real money.
  13. If tomorrow morning they cancel the option to convert bitcoin to real currency (dollars / shekels, etc.) - you can not even wipe your ass with your bitcoins, because they are not made of paper ... you will have nice numbers as a computer file that will be worth nothing.
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