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  1. RECUVA can help in the case of logically deleted files (but still physically exist on the drive), a pretty simple case. In cases of "faulty partition" (what exactly does that mean?) Or physical problems with drives it really has nothing to do. Hope you learned the lesson and next any important material you have you will keep in at least 2 different drives - backing up material in hard drives is about the most important thing to do in the computer world - the drives are so cheap and the heartache of losing information is so high it's just not everyone does This. If the material is really very important you can take the drive to a professional restoration company, such as Tic Tac. In the meantime, disconnect it from the computer and do not touch it, because any attempt to read from it can aggravate the situation.
  2. What are you trying to copy? Every time the same thing (same file from the same drive)? The problem may be with the source drive.
  3. It has a 4th generation processor, without a dedicated video card (uses the processor's built-in). The rest is not really relevant .. I did not really understand the part with the 30 Hz, is that what your computer recognizes? What TV is this?
  4. It's a silly parameter almost like choosing a car by the design of its gents.
  5. If you were very happy with the projector then why replace it? Bulbs in this projector are a "perishable" component and replacing a bulb is not even considered a "repair", just for that matter .. You can buy a new bulb for your projector, I also saw Bali Express for around NIS 100. If you want to upgrade it regardless, this is of course an option, But I'm not sure how much difference you will actually see between it and the models you are looking at.
  6. All the interesting details about this year's biggest technology show, returning to Sin City after last year's Corona break
  7. It's a virus itself ... that is, not a "virus" in the technical definition, more like spam .. you just once confirmed notifications to some spam site and now it sends you advertisements that impersonate messages about so-called "viruses found". First of all, ignore and do not install anything there that was offered to you there. If you installed - remove. Second thing - go back to the spam distributor website you were on before:, then click on the arrow next to the address (next to the refresh button) and then on the site settings. In the window that opens, look for "Notifications" and change the setting from Allow to Block. Third thing - do not click "Allow" on things you do not understand what they are saying. Especially not if you have a "big arrow" pointing to the Allow and the rest of the site is locked until you click on it, red flag.
  8. Wrong ... I mean, not compared to the prices of the 11th generation today. What will happen after the announcement is that the prices of 11th generation will go down and 12th generation will get the current prices ..
  9. If you are not in a hurry then unequivocally wait. Intel's 12th generation will be a leap forward, and in any case even if it was just a small change it's a waste to buy a model two months before a new one comes out.
  10. There is no such thing as a reasonable quality projector at NIS 700 for any use, certainly not for text - I did not understand what the logic is in this operation .. Why would you want to program on a projector?
  11. First of all BUYUSA has long been not called that, but UShops ... and there is a similar service that also allows an address in Europe: idgu.
  12. More memory. Especially 16 vs. 8. Today 8 will not be enough for you. The differences in speed are negligible, the difference between "there is memory" and "no memory" is dramatic.
  13. Let's say he wants to buy a gaming computer for NIS 15, which is quite reasonable considering the prices of video cards today. If he pays in 15 interest-free installments, he will still have a computer, but the current account will remain almost unchanged (NIS 36 per month). He will invest the 416 he had in current account for the purpose in the S & P15. They will make an average of about 500 NIS a year, or let's say about 1,500K in 5 years. 3 years ahead: in the first option he has a computer left, and minus 3 in current account from the purchase. In the second option, he has a computer left, minus 15 in current account from the purchase, plus 15 in current account from the investment. In the second option, he earned / saved NIS 5K (about 5% of the purchase price!). So in fact the monetary value of 33 interest-free payments = a 36% discount. Pretty significant in my opinion.
  14. You are wrong of course, what you are proposing is a very wrong economic thought. Even if you have money to buy something in cash - once you are offered money now and for free - the right thing is to take it. In fact, you are offered a free loan, 0% interest. Anyone who does not take this offer is a jerk. I'll tell you more than that, many times even if I have the money I will still take payments / loan versus buying in cash, even if it is with interest - as long as the interest taken from me for the loan is lower than the interest that that money can do elsewhere. For example, many times when buying a car you can get a loan with interest around the frame only. It's almost free money. Another classic example is a mortgage, which every beginning economist knows that if you suddenly get a large and surprising amount of money and your initial instinct is to "close the mortgage" - this in the vast majority of cases would be a wrong decision (because the interest rate on the mortgage is usually very low Earns more interest elsewhere than the interest he would have saved on a mortgage).
  15. If you do not think about the direction of Apple (or AMD?), And locked on a computer with an Intel processor, then I personally would have been waiting for the 12th generation. .
  16. Thank you for proving to me that there is no point in even reading your comments. You write nonsense out of utter ignorance. Do not expect me to continue reading your following comments in an editorial discussion: I flipped through the rest of your comments and kept reading nonsense that is not even worth referring to ...
  17. What I think gives proportion to all the readers here about the relevance of the things you are responding to here including the nonsense you wrote about "exposing to the sky and lifting the shadows in Leitrum".
  18. Keep in mind that they compare RAW with massive editing on a computer .... Pictures directly from the camera - in many of the examples where the iPhone would disassemble the Sony. Especially at night, note that he also talks about it in the video - night mode connects a lot of images which allows with a simple push of a button to get amazing exposure with a huge dynamic range and minimum noise, while maintaining a sharp image .. and all in one simple click. While at Sony he had to make a lot of attempts, choose the best picture, edit it massively on the computer ... and still get a less good and smeared picture because of the long exposure time ... In one of the pictures he was rewarded he said he spent 5 minutes (!) Editing A single image, again compared to Click and Bye on the iPhone ... and the images look the same ...
  19. What was offered to you? The price for 1GB today is about 120 shekels a month (before paying for a router, if you need one). NIS 20 here or there, depending on the company, at the end of which is the order of magnitude. The price of 100 MB in ADSL by the way is about the same, maybe again 20 shekels less. So it's really but really a silly idea to go back to ADSL instead of making Bezeq fibers ... Regarding the cost of installation, I say again - you can make fibers at Cellcom on Bezeq infrastructure through the wholesale market - NIS 120 per month (and you get a free fiber converter, private router) And free installation.
  20. Have you run out of a Google subscription? ... All the details appear on their website ..
  21. Chatter ... NIS 10-20 more than Partner. Do you understand that he pays the same price for 100 megabytes (50 actual) internet in adsl yes? By the way, there is also a wholesale market for Bezeq infrastructure (for example Cellcom) at the same price as Partner and with free installation.
  22. Did you even read what I wrote? Partners are the only ones who need electricity from the building. Make a flash.
  23. Or just do a flash, which is very likely to be with you already.
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