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  1. I have no idea, I do not really care who my provider is as long as the Internet works without blockages and without combos .. and that is the situation with me.
  2. I made Cellcom fiber in a wholesale market on Bezeq infrastructure - free installation unlike Bezeq, and the option (which is what I chose) to get a free fiber converter instead of their router, and then connect it to a private router. Works great.
  3. Your amplifier is 75W per channel. This thing is 25W per channel ..
  4. It does not seem to me that there is anything to compare this toy to a real amplifier, even if it is old .. Of course I would not pay more for it over a repair of the existing one.
  5. If the address you see in WHATISMYIP is not the same as the external address you see in the router settings, you are behind your ISP's internal NAT, and you will have trouble accessing your computer off the network. If this is the case then the only solution is to ask them to give you a unique IP (not necessarily fixed) or just switch to a provider that gives you a unique IP.
  6. Regulation, do not be ashamed. It will do you good.
  7. Milford Cubicle


    Again, the test they do is whether there is a "user confirmed cookies" cookie, and if not they display the message. For "work on them" you need to put a cookie. If you are in principle opposed to cookies, then you have no way to "work" on them. What you can technically do is block the element of the message with one plugin or another, but that would be point-by-point per site, would require about 10 times more cumbersome tampering with a simple push of the message button, and not really clear what agenda it came to serve: if You want cookies not to be collected on you - it will not prevent it. If you want to "delete from the world" this thing called cookies you can go into your browser settings and there disable cookies completely (which will cause most of your sites on the internet to stop working properly). You can turn it off here: chrome: // settings / cookies This of course will not prevent the message from appearing, and will only prevent you from closing it once and for all ... If you do not mind having cookies and the part that you just want to see this message - click About her and she will no longer appear believe me no site wants to put this message - you will file the complaints to the EU which forces them to add it while threatening huge fines.
  8. It's not that wifi6 is a bad thing, obviously it's better to have it than not to be ... I'm just saying it should not be a consideration in my opinion when choosing a laptop .. There are much more important considerations in my opinion - like build quality, weight, battery time, quantity And types of connections, screen quality, speaker quality, camera quality ..
  9. How fast did you connect? 300? If you connected to 600 or 1,000 then 280 on a wired connection is not correct .. As for the wireless, first make sure you are connected in 5GHz and not 2.4GHz (I like to save each network by a different name and then connect each device to the network it supports). After verifying this, check the speed when you are close to the router. The speed can drop very fast as you move away and pass walls, especially at 5 GHz. With a 5 GHz connection close to the router you should get the maximum speed. If not - go over the settings, something there probably limits you.
  10. Just to close the corner of the wifi, your router most likely does not support wifi6 at all, and the speed of wifi5 is still very fast and for normal home use is much higher than what you probably got to use .. The difference in CPU and memory is much more Significant and will be reflected in daily use.
  11. I would not insist on it at all .. The truth is that I do not think I would even consider it an advantage for one model or another in the parameters I compare.
  12. You mean router? Because you have no reason to replace the modem. What you want to do is probably turn their modem-router into a modem only (so-called bridge mode) and then connect your own private router to it.
  13. Milford Cubicle


    Reverse ... you need a cookie for it to stop appearing ... if you disable the cookie it will not prevent it from appearing, on the contrary. This will prevent it from stopping. Illustration:
  14. To use your router you need: 1. Buy their SFP flash for NIS 180 2. Buy a stand-alone fiber converter (also called a "media converter") that converts your fiber to a network cable, costs about NIS 100
  15. Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either, Looks like BT aint for me either. Spending quite a bit of money + refusing an additional external component + wasting a USB port for something that will probably never really be utilized in the real world - a waste in my opinion.
  16. Another point to think about - slowly all fiber companies are now starting to charge installation fees, very high (450-900 NIS). If you cancel in principle the order you already have, you may want to return to them in the future - it will cost you a lot of money. .
  17. Cancel the deal and then what? Will you go back to the internet for 100 on 5 (at best) mega that will cost you even more? And all this for the principle of using your personal router?
  18. All the fibers work great and give you full speed, no matter if they are from Bezeq, Hot, Unlimited, Partner, Cellcom .. If there is fiber, no matter whose = it is better than without fiber.
  19. It's unlikely to be "better" than the competition, in the end it's the same product. Because they decided they wanted to be more expensive.
  20. I do not know if they are better than the competition or not (my bet: no) but rest assured that is not why they are more expensive. At the same time, fiber is always going to be better than "old" internet. So if Bezeq are the only ones who have fiber infrastructure for you - it's better than nothing.
  21. The fact that the server you are testing is on the other side of the Atlantic.
  22. interesting. But note that in any case it is years ahead (and it is quite likely that it will be postponed further, because .. this is how it is), a lot can change both in terms of bills and in terms of the technical infrastructure of companies in the country ..
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