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The former site staff - inactive
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  • Birthday 01/01/1990

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    Work \ Gaming
    i7 3770K @ 4Ghz 1.0v
    Asus TUF Z77
    Corsair H90
    24GB DDR3 1800
    MSI R9 280X Gaming
    Intel SSD 510 250GB
    Intel SSD 520 240GB
    WD Red 1TB
    Define R4
    Seasonic RT650 80 + Gold

    i5 2500K
    MSI Z77A-GD55
    CM Hyper TX3
    16GB DDR3 1600
    Seasonic RT550 80 + Gold
    Plextor M5S 256GB SSD
    Samsung F3 1TB X2
    MSI R9 280X Gaming
    Nanoxia DS2

    Mom Work
    Core i5 2400
    ASrock Z77-Pro 4
    4GB DDR3 1333
    FSP 400HCN
    Kingston SSD V300 120GB
    Asus HD4670
    Luxo 140

    Mom HTPC
    Core i3 2100
    MSI Z77IA-E53 MiniITX
    4GB 1333
    WD 500GB Blue
    Silicon Power SSD V30 60GB
    Thermaltake TR2 450W
    Node 304

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