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  1. Hi 😀 I am currently debating whether to do a bachelor's degree in computer science or take a course in the field of full stack, the deliberation is as follows: 1. On the one hand I have the option of a preparatory course in Kiryat Shmona that combines residence while studying at Tel Hai College, but I do not know and could not Find enough information whether the college is considered and whether there are jobs in the field of web development in the area for a student job. 2. On the other hand, is it really worth investing in psychometrics and going to do a degree at Tel Aviv University or Tel Aviv-Yafo Academy and probably in this area there are more student jobs than in the Krayot area in my opinion 3. I thought about maybe taking a full stack course at John Bryce College or the Technion In Tel Aviv .. I know that you have to invest a lot in it until you finally get a decent job, what should I choose? Thanks for answering!
  2. Hello I would like to purchase a laptop for the following purposes: 1. Developing a full stack, both for the purpose of a professional course and then for a living. 2. The degree in Computer Science The budget is about 6000-10000 NIS thanks for answering 😎
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