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  1. After long conversations with Asus customer service while testing several hardware components, providing an international warranty requires testing of each specific product, usually on boards if there is no international warranty, laptops need to be called and tested according to the exact model and priest and priest. If a particular model has an international warranty, then send me a chat with the support team on the Asus global site.In products that receive international support can be a really wonderful solution to order from Asus, only that most of their prices, and especially high graphics cards, and sometimes tens of percent of competitors Benefit, just because they are branded under TUF, STRIX and hes from mentioning ROG, and not always they really are
  2. I managed through the joss to reach 4.15 at a voltage of 1.385, also something, more than that has been crashing instantly. I did not find a decent piece of information for recommended settings with this board on the net, if anyone has any flash I would love to know.
  3. 4.2GHz at 1.375 via Reisen Master. Through the BIOS for some reason every value I enter, the computer does not initialize the new settings and has to reset the CMOS. Another question if possible, why in CPUZ the frequency appears almost 4.2GHZ and in task manager appears 3.7GHZ? EDIT: And this OC is not really stable either, I'm still trying to check.
  4. The target audience of a card with 24VRAM is not necessarily and mostly not gamers, in the last generation NVIDIA made a switch to TITAN and assigned it to the 3000 series. The fact that it's the best choice for gaming, regardless of the cost-benefit ratio, is true, the fact that the leading YouTube channels will get it to review it is ridiculous, they profit and NVIDIA benefits from greater exposure. There will always be people who will ignore the price and buy the most powerful overkill on the market, it still does not really direct the purpose of this card to be offered mainly to the gaming market, even if NVIDIA tries to relocate it.
  5. For bench fans:
  6. Hello friends, need help with recommended settings for OC for Ryzen 2600X: (I know that the OC for this processor can not be too serious, but also the little we get is good, and free) cooling arctic 34 duo esport gives low temp even during effort A very ventilated case, 750W power supply B450 Aorus pro motherboard whose VRAM is not in the sky (but as mentioned the case is ventilated with 7 powerful fans): The purpose of the OC is to improve gaming performance. Since single core performance is the more crucial factor in gaming the question is whether it is possible to do OC for one core more than the rest, p to get a higher frequency and boost in performance. If this is not possible then I would be happy to get a test
  7. Even one mosquito net will buy much more than a screen and a card. The linguistic practice is that the language of exaggeration is deliberately inaccurate, in order to emphasize the exaggeration in the matter that you want to exaggerate, and as you added at the end of your speech.
  8. Regarding the Linus video: $ 3000 in the US, (if you also want HRD and other matters + shipping + taxes) along with 3090 which costs in the country 8000 NIS and up north, in my estimation selling one healthy kidney will cover the expense. Editing: It turns out that there are also 8K HDR TVs in Israel that support 120HZ, so that it will also support the 9090 that came out in 2090, link to those interested: starting from only NIS 13,500: -tv & db750770 = 7416973 & db6601968 = 6601971 & db4088 = 1066064 & noidx = 1
  9. No-One

    2080ti at $ 500

    What I did not understand (nor did I understand in the Hardware Unboxed channel) is why do I need 20VRAM for the upgraded version? 16 This is more than enough to look at the future of gaming in the next 3 years. Another thing, 3070 with 16VRAM, and 3080 with 10VRAM ?! Here I have already lost the logic of NVIDIA, otherwise it is intended for editing / machine learning software etc. that require a large VRAM, because in gaming this ranking just does not make sense.
  10. No-One

    2080ti at $ 500 הבעיה האי בעיקר בUHD, אמנם יש משחקים בעייתיים גם בQHD. וכמו שכבר הוזכר בסרטון הבא ובעוד הרבה מקומות, מי שקונה כרטיס ב700 דולר, קרוב (מאוד לודאי) שלא קונה כדי להתפשר בהגדרות גרפיות, לא בעוד שנה ובטח שלא עכשיו. מי שרוצה לקנות עכשיו: 1.שיגיד לנו איפה מוכרים 2.שיעלה פוסט עוד שנה של נצילות VRAM, נשמח ללמוד.
  11. 20GB sounds really excessive ... securing the future of gaming for the next 3-5 years I would settle for 16GB, over my head.
  12. Under the previous inspiration, from the exact same channel, a comparison of a selection of Raisens (I'm not clear why they skipped the 2000 series) is matched to 3080 pp. Check how much the processors constitute a bottleneck: His tests.
  13. True (which is one of the big companies), but our eyes see that the world is voting out of pocket, and I support commentators who claim that those who do not buy Apple, do not do so out of poverty / stinginess, but out of consumer insight.
  14. Is there a reviewer / site uploaded by Bench that shows how much VRAM from the card is used? I wonder if the 10 of the 3080 will really suffice as NVIDIA claimed, because several cases have already been found in a network with an efficiency of more than 10 VRAM.
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