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  1. Tell the typist it's not for the record, but: know a friend who ordered a complete custom loop system from China (each part ships separately), some parts cost more than the VAT threshold, and moved under the radar, stores in China do not update customs here, there are products like motherboards \ Laptops and if they are sampled at customs they will be taxed automatically, do not think anyone who works there knows what a block to GPU or combo of a tank + pump is. . If you want to receive an Outstanding Citizen Award and call customs and pay them ...
  2. -Long loading times -Once you would see the alerts also on the main page, a few months ago changed that, and now have to go into the forums tab to see alerts, just awkward, if it worked great why change.
  3. Sorry, I missed the zoom. Check if it appears on the control panel in the "Add and Remove Programs" ZOOM, if so look for it at the beginning and try to enter, if it appears and does not work then right click on the ZOOM and delete it. Go to: C: \ Users \ "user" (your user name) \ AppData \ Roaming \ Delete the ZOOM folder. Restart, download from the ZOOM site itself and try to install
  4. Which way are you trying to install? You created BOOTALE USB and from there you are trying to boot? Which window pops up for you? And what happens next? Details ...
  5. No-One

    Attacking a sleeping bat?

    Did you find any bite marks? Even if you were bitten and vaccinated against rabies, what do you think you are suffering from? Why would it call for the symptoms you have?
  6. Here's an official NVIDIA response to the reason for the lack of inventory of the 3000 series, the best they have who to blame (Samsung): only-based-on-gpu-shortages.html
  7. Side B of the question. And just as it may be true, someone may have wanted to throw a gasoline tank into everyone's nervous fire. .. what is more, they did not take care to issue to anyone who was hot on the trigger an official explanation that makes sense why all this is happening, just bullshit piles. The reason for the red camp's lack of supplies is much more plausible no matter how we turn it around.
  8. For these assessments, which is exactly what I intended, we make a super-launched presentation for a series of products, and urinate on the target audience to request, well, another consumer monopoly ...
  9. No-One

    RSM Kfar Saba

    Really awful, hope you upload the end of the story here after a lawsuit ..
  10. Comforting much more than the estimates for the lack of supply from NVIDIA ...
  11. Also on YouTube this weekend the reviewers have already started talking about it.
  12. Without going into the depths of the 3070/80 feasibility, the survey brought from Sets partially and slightly misleadingly reflects the reality of the discussion here, I will explain: Sets in most of the platform are full of cheap to free games ($ 0-25 for that matter) some have been great games in the past The hourglass of the time, some of them are quite contemporary games with graphics / content / gimplay at the hop / lolly channel level (completely legitimate, this also has a target audience) The AAA games from the last two years are around $ 30-60 To the present). When it comes to discussing whether 8/10 VRAM will suffice for existing titles, it should be assumed that most of their gimpy games revolve around COD games from 2004, or "lolly" games of some kind are not part of the discussion here. The ideal was to examine the distribution of resolutions among those who purchase AAA games as stated at $ 30-60, for those who have FHD / QHD / UHD, it is clear to me that the percentages will change drastically to the higher resolutions when we leave the retro and the lol behind.
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