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  1. Add to that the rise of Bitcoin in recent months, 2021 is going to be a tough year for anyone looking to innovate.
  2. https://www.tms.co.il/166312 הרכבתי לך מפרט פחות או יותר זהה לשלך כולל מסך . עכשיו הכרטיס מסך שמופיע במפרט שלך לא הופיע אצלי משום מה . המחיר של המעבד הופיע אצלי יותר יקר ממה שמופיע אצלך ,אין לי מושג למה אבל שווה בדיקה . למערכת כזאת חובה לשדך מסך 1440p 144hz או 4k 60hz https://www.tms.co.il/166312, אם בא לך מסך 1080p אז כדאי לרדת ל3070 או אפילו ל3060ti שיצא מתישהו חודש הבא לפי שמועות .
  3. Recommend you get Horizon Zero Dawn it was exclusive to ps4 but now also available for pc .Game on ultra in 2k, beautiful game.
  4. The new processors are more expensive and it can not be said that it was not in the air. Zen 2 processors are less good than the new ones but they are still great, and now they have gone down in price and a lot. This is the time for those who do not have a processor from the last two years to renew in zen2 with a channel to upgrade to zen3 as an option.
  5. Check that the ambient light sensor on your computer is inactive. https://www.google.com/amp/s/pureinfotech.com/check-if-pc-light-sensor-windows-10/amp/
  6. Hi, I have a 14-inch tailpiece I bought in the summer of 2017 ux430 and a fine worker. Over the years I dropped it several times and it should be noted that it was cuffed when it happened, and besides some scratches here and there are still in excellent condition. But still reasonable, and the computer warms up more than new, but it's understandable that I haven't opened it until today for cleaning. The screen itself is still excellent although suffering from what all ips screens suffer from glowing in the corners, not something out of the ordinary considering it is 3 years old.
  7. It surprises me not to recommend noctua fans here known as excellent fans of both quiet and performance.
  8. https://youtu.be/ejx1hGUorG0 , ממליץ לראות את הסקירה לפני קנייה .
  9. Of all the games you just mentioned the rdr2 must have a very high level video card in both HD and 2K, the other games with download settings you can get reasonable frames. What would you prefer to play full hd on high settings or spend more money on a 2k screen and usually play on low medium.
  10. Nvidia also let screens that are not gsync work in gsync, as long as the screen is in their support list. Each driver update also adds more screens in support, it is called gsync compatible. Now this technology is really good and it helps both you have low fps and high fps so it is a win win. Say in your given game your fps range from 120 to 80.
  11. Headphones from the sennheiser company, there are lots of models to choose from and enjoy.
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