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  1. great! I am a video editor, not an editor at 4K. User with Apter, Premier. Between project and project plays a bit .. But most of the computer's use of video editing
  2. Please: Thanks so much!
  3. I have a GIGABYTE B450 AORUS M motherboard I want to upgrade to M.2 1TB Still satisfied with Intel 660P and Sabrent 1TB Rocket 2280 [Apropopus I would love to recommend] Anyway, I can't find any of them in my list of supported M.2 drives. Is this problematic? Can I buy one of them even if it is not on the list or will I have to stick to the list?
  4. From the moment I got the computer I have this problem. I've already managed to update the drivers of the card several times through the [GeForce Experience] screen. At any one time, the problem has not been solved. Also happens in the current version 431.60. Encloses a section of the problem
  5. I work with 32 Ram, razen 7 2700X processor, updated 6 Giga GTX 1060 video card, SSD drive and it happens when I open a folder. In my case, it's really not about the load.
  6. K is an external drive, but it also happens on the internal drive. Only when I do 'refresh' or move the mouse over all the lines, it returns to normal show.
  7. Sometimes when I open folders they look like this to me. What was this caused? I will note that in some Windows messages, too, there is confusion as if the icon is out of place and the text is reversed
  8. In the computer games forum got on the problem it was a phenomenon called 'tearing screen' Anyway thank you for wanting to help!
  9. It really was 'ripping screen' and FastSync solved the problem! Thank you very much, you helped me a lot!
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