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  1. Hello everyone, I have a strange phenomenon, when I upload materials to the network through a certain ssd drive, I get a blue screen, is there a situation where the drive is causing the problem?
  2. Update - after checking the memories, power supply, etc., in the end what turned out to be problems with the computer was a network card that I disconnected and everything came up quickly and immediately, or it sat badly in its slot, or shortened something on the board, anyway I took it out and everything is fine.
  3. There is also the free software https://format-factory.en.softonic.com/?ex=BB-1459.1, highly recommended from personal experience, its an advantage that you can set a frame rate of 50 or 60, unlike many conversion programs that limit to 30 fps . Recommended software that will be on your computer, also converts sound files in a variety of formats.
  4. Thanks, I'll do it when I eat. As for a matching memory stick, what is the appropriate voltage?
  5. Hello, my dad has a strange problem with the computer, the computer works all week in a smooth sequence, and after it is turned off there is a problem with the operation, the computer turns on and off after a few seconds, I tried with another power supply and did not help, cleaned the fans + plus replacing thermal ointment. Help, the motherboard looks fine with no swollen capacitors. The only thing that helped was removing the memory sticks and unloading the voltage. I currently only returned 2 sticks out of 4, and the computer was able to boot. Old computer, motherboard from 2011, i3 3220 processor. I would love your ideas for resolving the issue, also attach a picture of the memory stick, because I do not know what memory voltage is suitable for the computer, and I thought maybe buy 2 new sticks and it will solve the problem.
  6. There are many network adapters whose default is disconnect after a long time without use, go into network adapters, right click on the specific adapter you have on your computer, features ... and there look what the definition of power management as you said.
  7. Order a computer without memory, and buy memory elsewhere.
  8. I also never understood this price in Ivori, and the economic logic of this pricing, makes no sense that the other stores are losing their pricing, financially in my opinion they make themselves a run of hundreds of customers a year at best, they have a good and nice specs system, this segment of the non price Likely causing them harm. Hope for their benefit and our benefit that this will change soon.
  9. Hello everyone, I regenerated with a new keyboard and the volume buttons work only in combination with the fn button, how can you cancel this situation, and use the volume buttons directly? The spoken keyboard GPlus PWS-681
  10. Whatever the discussion, it is clear that, whenever I test very high speeds, stable infrastructure. Maybe the gamers felt something in Corona, I have no idea that I'm not a gamer, since I always use the internet to upload materials in very large quantities (close to Terra a month), since I did the 500 mega a year or so ago, there were always high speeds. For a haute alternative available in almost the entire country.
  11. Yes I have such a card on old specs and it runs very nice 4k.
  12. daniel2828

    About TMS

    What does it mean? Ksp and Ivory have very competitive prices, always before buying it is recommended to compare prices.
  13. Download updated vlc player and codec package. See if this solves the problem ...
  14. Try deleting your browsing history in your browser and downloading any extensions that a browser has except the ad blocker, also check what your browsing speed is. Beyond that, if you need a replacement rocket computer for SSD and add 4 Giga memory, and for Windows 10 Pro, a clean new installation. Nightmare to work with a stuck and stuck computer.
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