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  2. Can't find anything in the budget that is better than the DELL above. Nor sees most need / taste for it.
  3. Hello and welcome to the forum! Please, only yesterday it was announced in Israel - Note that you will need a USB -C TO HDMI display adapter.
  4. The mobile is not bad for your needs, but are you aware of the fact that the total price is 1900 NIS? You may still be waiting for BLACK FRIDAY promotions where you can either buy cheaper or with a 4500U processor that is more powerful than the processor here.
  5. For basic uses both are fine. The question is what about Matlab, etc. Still, 16GB of memory is better and also a half tera SSD, if you mean what is better without an upgrade at all.
  6. Well it seems to me that this is really the best option. 200 NIS is not the end of the world, and probably worth the time you will be given to think and consider who is against whom and why and calmly decide what is best for you, just as you did 7 years ago!
  7. Yes will hold for a few years. So replace the 3 years in my post with 7. Same thing.
  8. Okay not only has the prefix at your age changed, also the face of things in technology is not like yesterday and yesterday. Specification you got - if you put a cheaper motherboard because there is no need for OC, it will give you two to three years of beautiful and satisfying use. I'm not even pretending to guess what will happen in three years. What I am actually saying is, to walk the golden path, that is, buy something every three years with an optimal cost / benefit ratio and so do any given period of time. Because buying an I7 now because it's an I7 is not the smartest thing to say, let's say so Two more years, although I said I would not guess, it's not hard to say that every I5 will be better than today's I7.
  9. Yes indeed. That’s why I gave a recommendation to both Raisen and Intel. It is not really difficult to find a parallel / better processor than the existing one.
  10. Well, every contemporary processor works with DDR4 memories, so you'll have to part with existing memories. Regarding the processor itself - there is indeed the 3600 and there are the Intel 10400/10500 processors. Here, assemble the trinity yourself ....
  11. It does not really matter where, as long as it meets the minimum requirements and the price you set. I mean, of course there are also mobiles in your budget, but why torture yourself every day anew?
  12. Replace 2.5-inch mechanical with SSD in the same configuration. The 512 comes in an M2 configuration.
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A new tablet for the masses from Lenovo

A new tablet for the masses from Lenovo

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