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  1. Hi then also in the country the companies rushed to come out with bombastic announcements. Emma, ​​the Chinese experience certainly pours cold water on the whole thing.
  2. Again, things could have gone differently, that is to our benefit, the consumers ... I'm not naive, just saying that this is not a decree from heaven if AMD earns a little less. Needless to tell me why they are raising prices. Neither they nor others .....
  3. Hmmm what happened to the implementation of the specifications, managers?
  4. Hi here, in the meantime, for an impression and also for a second / third reflection and in general ... two specifications from two stores .... the first, with AMD's new processor and everything that comes with it - [img] graphics / plonters / plonter_logo.png [/ img] Quote for a computer system - [URL] [/ URL] - The place for people who love computers - AMD Socket - AM4 [url = https: // www.][b]100-000000061[/b] - [b] AMD [/ b] - [b] AMD Zen3 Ryzen9 5900X 12 Core / 24 Threads - Base Clock: 3.7GHz - Max Boost Clock: 4.8GHz - Without Fan - 105W TDP - Zen 5000 Series
  5. So? Sabba, then pay! I wonder why he cried and was in the first RTx series of NVIDIA .... and in connection with "Better" we will see, we will wait for the benchers. Just what, a lot of the "better" was and still is more in the sense of "more lucrative", in this case, more lucrative than Intel. Now, with amd's greed it's much less ....
  6. Wait or not, it's none of our business, and certainly does not justify what they did. And I'm not saying you justify them .....
  7. The prices are not justified regardless of VAT. This is the truth and the whole truth. This is also AMD's pigs.
  8. In one word - disappointing! Another reminder to us, the consumers - that we are not for the good of the companies, but for the good of the shareholders. Too bad, but not at all surprising ....
  9. Good executive summary anyone? As she shouted? In terms of content creators, if possible ....
  10. Shhh, thanks. For me it was interesting. Too bad there is no TB3. The construction is also not the most user-friendly.
  11. Ok I'm not sure there really is an obligation to get to the roof of the budget, it's seen later, but as stated above, you should wait to get more performance for a given amount.
  12. Hi for the reference, what is the existing hardware? And as for a new system - yes, wait up to a month from now (approximately). Because both new AMD processors are coming out and we hope that the RTX 3000 series will not only reach the Holy Land, these will be at reasonable prices. not really no. Especially in the trio. After the new series came out, it is forbidden (= not worthwhile) to even look at the previous generation .....
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