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  1. What now SATA 3? Come on, it's time to cancel our sacrifice! Fulfilled were attractive prices ......
  2. Good for me, a 10 year old girl should buy a basic and cheap cell phone, because at this age you usually don't really keep things. Not a coincidence, of the laptops - I would go for and if there is an identical version with a 14-inch screen, it is generally better.
  3. Hi Welcome to the forum! Amazon, it is still possible to put direct links to products in the forum. So please, facilitate us and give direct links to the mobile you have chosen. Thanks !
  4. I've been waiting for this ...... ^^^ Lucky you did not write that you invented!
  5. That's the problem, it's wrong. Well, it's good that NVIDIA has competition, even if it's on paper ....
  6. Not related to love. More for receipts ....
  7. agree. But still, these are profits ...... because there were and are the surfers of the site who have already buried Intel deep in the ground, according to their learned predictions, of course .....
  8. Two more mobiles worth considering - or SKU 118316 In KSP or SKU 116235 in KSP
  9. Well, I screwed up a bit, it's F12, not F2 ... Good luck!
  10. As bright as possible, at least 300 nits brightness (these are the units that define the brightness). Because a bright screen can lower the brightness, but if it is lower than the beginning, it is impossible to increase the brightness of the screen (I lived in a bright / outdoor environment). And I'm already uploading videos about diagnostics ....
  11. And after all of the above, if it is still necessary, then in light of the decidedly generous budget, one can go up in DELL's hierarchy and go for the business LATITUDE series. computer-mobile-dell-dell-litude- 5410-14-fhd-l5410-7114-i7-10610u / Product.aspx? Productid = 30969 Mobile-dell-dell-latitude-7410-lt-rd33-12007 Dell Latitude 7410 14 Non-Touch LT-RD33-12007 - Search Google .... Dell Latitude 7410 14 Non-Touch L7410-7231 Search on Google .... both at the budget end. It's no coincidence, and it was the direction you choose, it's necessary to make sure in front of the store which screen exactly comes with the laptop, because there are several types, less bright and brighter.
  12. Hi not a good time / period to buy a mobile. Prices are sky high and supply is quite meager. It is better to pull a little more with the 5480 ....
  13. Hi First, it is possible to check the battery condition without a technician. DELL mobiles have a self-test of each important component. When switching on / while switching on, press F2 and in the menu that appears, select Components or DIAGNOSTIC. There is also an application for checking the battery from the windows, by right-clicking on the battery icon. ALT about the button - probably need to replace it.
  14. Hi most important, and better late than ..., you backed up the stuff. As for the hard state -, it's hard to say. It can really indicate the end of a battle and may not. Sometimes there are no malfunctions at all and sometimes the drive drags on for a few more years with all the "symptoms". Download a crystal disk or any other software that will see what the "health" status of the drive is, and all this with a fairly limited warranty. The best and most important thing is to back up the material, and you've already done that.
  15. It has not been long, and the trend is reversing, because of Intel itself ....
  16. AMD and creating their buzz in video cards. But the results at the end are not really amazing, to say the least ....
  17. Lol "A lot of assets a lot of worries ..."? At least, hamsa hamsa, the condition (of the drives) is fine. And the list probably does not include the backups of the important stuff. But volumes always constitute no small Wajars ....
  19. Okay so here is a specification as your request. It is possible to increase / add memory if you later feel that it is most needed for the VM.
  20. You continue to perform various and strange stunts that do not most match / reflect the situation as it really is.
  21. In small, a must-have mobile for anyone working with SOLIDORKS at a level of more than a cube modeling or two. At a bargain price of a little over 14,500 NIS ......
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