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  1. You have already received (above ^^^) a detailed and good answer .... I also completely agree with the rest.
  2. You're not really the target, or if you will the reason I'm writing here about QS, that one might think is some secret to those who understand something ... there are others who read the discussions. Good for you with QS, Sabba (as I already wrote). Just saying there is no better solution, factually incorrect, even if QS is perfect specifically for you. good week !
  3. Well, you do not see, I do. And many others. Good for you with QS, Sabba. Only times have changed, and so has technology. Adobe has finally met public demands, and there are superior solutions over QS, both in speed and quality. The downside of course is the need for a good video card.
  4. This series is not something, in general, as a mobile. But these are difficult times ....
  5. Nice that you raised a head, but it does not catch! And we have already ground the matter more than enough on the site here. So let's not perish the discussion of unnecessary arguments - you said, I said, the point was raised and understood. Let everyone decide what they like. Maybe you can polish the specs, even harder, because the files are quite large, and yet, the SSD is more agile.
  6. good week ! In the first original specs a motherboard is not good enough (it's with AMD). In the second specification, with Intel there is a K processor and an H motherboard, which is also not suitable. The moon mage's specs are indeed better, and at least in terms of luminescence, but not only, it's worth taking the 3080, though I would have put a more serious processor cooling, something of a noctua or even an AC34 DUO .. and a note to moon mage: your offer on "savings "In an operating system, it can complicate quite a few people that the system uses for a living. Asked to buy windows, they should buy religiously and legally. Those who want to be smart, really do not need us.
  7. I do not know, in light of the growing budget .... I will check, update.
  8. I wrote 2 minutes after Nisg's response and did not send .... cheaper to change a woman .... you are right. A high-performance laptop will not last long on a battery. In any case, for IRIS - you need an Intel I7 processor with a G7 extension, and preferably a mobile with an 11th generation processor, where the unit is more powerful. This is not a good time to buy laptops - selection and prices on the face.
  9. FHD on 24 gives it the same effect as 2K on 27, more or less, because in the end, it's quite subjective. In my opinion, given the uses, DELL monitors at their price, give a good answer, even if not exclusive ....
  10. Nothing and no one guarantees "greater longevity". You can buy a screen for double the budget, and some "dancing" on the power grid will end its life even before I have time to say resume. Screen and in general, buy according to the features you want - size, resolution, color accuracy, connections, ergonomics. Longevity comes down to the warranty period and each additional month is a bonus .... so the most, buy two screens over time, which in total will give you a long period.
  11. Yes, this is the port - MINI HDMI. Well, choose one of the screens you specified. They are just fine for your needs. The VA panel differs from the IPS panel in its black levels which is preferable in the VA. It does not necessarily address eye fatigue, etc. In any case, here is the VA monitor
  12. It is recommended to fill out a questionnaire. Click on the highlighted word. Thanks.
  13. Okay now this (the data) is more frequenting me. Too bad it does not improve things for those who need to buy a mobile these days .... but that's what it is. Proportions .....
  14. Nor pretends to know (unlike some commenters here ...). But thank you that my words / approach is not illogical, what is more there are quite a few references in the past, like the rise in prices of drives (floods), memories (fire) and more priest and priestess who served the manufacturers far beyond reasonable range to set prices and celebrate us. And just for clarification - meaning of course temporarily, ping pong between the two since the happy days of the Atlon ...
  15. Thanks. Because the situation in stores (in terms of supply) on the face.
  16. Reasons for raising prices abound (floods, fires, vacations for employees ....). You do not have to be a doctoral student in economics to know that you can also sell for less profit but more quantity, but unfortunately, AMD chose the easy way (not necessarily the smart one), because in the second way, it would do to Intel what Intel did to it before the Reisen era - delete it from the market (de facto ).
  17. Hi here is a quote from a letter in Walla regarding some phenomena due to the corona, and the quote is in the context of sales of laptops in Israel - "And what's happening in Israel? Data from research firm IDC shows that the rate of laptop sales in Israel jumped 109.8% According to the company's data, about 2020 laptops will be imported to Israel this quarter, compared to 2019 last year. " So why is such a meager supply and many mobile series in general gone without alternatives?
  18. Pretty ! But ..... a small fix! AMD could quietly grab both ends of the stick, both at the performance end and at the lucrative end. But as already stated, greed, urine for the head, etc., etc. in their backs.
  19. Here is another proof of the need to select reliable and quality sources for information you want to rely on - behind-four-Intel-parts-including-the-Core-i9-10900K-in-average-bench-on-UserBenchmark-despite-higher-1-core-and-4-core-scores.503581.0.html
  20. Hello and welcome to the forum! Please refer to this discussion - add-performance-hidden-to-the-tools / # comment-5194484 The second laptop, the one with a 4500 processor will suit your needs. Just to note that the current period is not so good with buying a laptop because of a very limited selection and relatively high prices. Please note, you are entitled to a free operating system and office from the educational institution, or in the worst case - a token amount. Good luck!
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