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  1. I turned it off and on and it didn't help. I'm calling the internet company now.
  2. Peace. My computer until now was connected to the Internet through the router. Yesterday in the middle of the day I was on the phone that is connected to wifi the internet stopped and I saw that it is written connected without internet. I went into the computer and also put the same problem. This is what the router shows me. And this is what the computer shows me. What can be done to fix the problem?
  3. I took a picture on a Samsung 10s phone, the size of the video is really big and I fully consider how I can reduce the size so that I can upload the video to YouTube
  4. Hey. Yesterday I shot a pretty long video in the Galaxy 10 (an hour plus) and a phone divided the video into four videos and each video is about 4 gigabytes. I uploaded it to a computer and when I tried to open it the player only played the video but did not play it. I tried almost all the players, the extension is mp4. what could be the problem?
  5. Hi. I recently did a computer reset and then I started to see my XNUMXD a bit blurry and not encoded and also the games. And I increase the texts in the settings are also blurred. What do you do and is it related to a video card? I updated drivers and no helper.
  6. Does not matter. A technician came and arranged it.
  7. Of course I tried. No it doesn't light up. I didn't move anywhere else either ....
  8. I don't really understand the hardware. Allow video?
  9. Hello everyone in the dead of night we had a short break at home. Only after the holidays did I go to the computer and when I tried to turn it on it did not turn on. I went to the technician. He switched the supplier and photographed me that everything worked. When I got home and tried to turn on the computer again, it didn't turn on. We tried to turn on somewhere else but in vain the computer did not turn on. Something has an idea what the problem is
  10. In Device Management, click "Remove this device" and after that you will remove the device from the computer and reconnect it.
  11. In disk management, you will set up your partition. Chances are you haven't created it yet and it's all there. Press the left key and create a simple new partition.
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