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  1. many thanks. Unfortunately this is for a family where they will not bother with an alternative installation, so prefer something that comes ready to use. I would love to hear your opinion on the Pavilion 14 dv0000nj, HP 15s eq0010nj or HP 15Seq2112nj compared to the ointment in the title. Thanks again and sorry for the dig.
  2. Hello Cannons, will this Lenovo IdeaPad 5-14ITL 82FE00HDIV model meet the needs of use for a division student when the need is to be 14 inches with a durable battery and good resolution and last a few good years? Is it worth the 2300 price? Thanks!
  3. Hello, is the laptop suitable for a division student? There is it in 1700. 8 GB of memory does it provide? X440FA-FQ2762T / P1440FA-asos FQ2623T
  4. Hello everyone, we want a 21.5 / 22 'screen for home use. It is important to be clear and fast. Mostly working with office and statistics and watching movies. It will be important to be able to adjust the height. I would appreciate recommendations. I was thinking about this screen, would it suit us? Thanks in advance
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