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  1. Ad validity: 10 days and also 20 hours

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    Sapphire PULSE RX 570 ITX MINI 4GB video card. Petah Tikva collection. Replaced with card 1060. Suitable for small packages so that anyone who wants a card that does not dissipate much heat is perfect.

    550 ₪

  2. Well, it's clear that the graphics performance is weaker than the 1050, on the other hand, get a more powerful processor and together with the B450 or B550 board a significant upgrade capability in the future in terms of processor. Also, do not waste unnecessary money on 1050 which already today is not something. The kid is currently playing Minecraft, for style games as well as Verzon and Fortnite the CPU will give great results. In the future when required and when prices have dropped or at least will be stronger second hand add a video card and enjoy better performance thanks to the better processor and memory.
  3. I do not understand why people here do not recommend the Ryzen 5600G for easy gaming. It's more than enough for Putnite and Minecraft and it's much cheaper.
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