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  1. Recommendation understand I am interested in building a powerful computer and I wanted to find out which is better Intel i7 10700 and motherboard z490 or amd 3600xt and motherboard b550m ds3h Is parallel time or who is more tenacious and if there is a preference for amd over Intel is there more specs I do not mean top but in comparison
  2. And if anything has better specifications I would love to get
  3. What does the amd3600xt specification and gigabyte b550m ds3h motherboard look like compared to the intel specs i mentioned earlier generation 10 and z490 tablet
  4. Or rather, what is recommended today, who is better?
  5. And what are the recommendations for Intel or amd processors
  6. Clarification I want to build a cloud computer 10th generation processor Which motherboard is recommended h470 or z490 and does it justify the price to go up to z490 and which model is recommended
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