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  1. I'm probably checking for the 980 PRO with 2TB. In Israel it is about 300-400 NIS more expensive than abroad but the warranty is probably problematic .. even though it is a component that should be reliable .. what do you think? Here in the country there is a good price only for the 1TB volume of this drive, or at this price I will already go for the 2TB Gen3.
  2. I tried to ignore it but it just attracts a response .. 10th generation 30 years ago? I did not know that tickets from 1990 are sold at the original price today .. I think you are exaggerating a bit .. Although they are not the newest but to say that they came out 30 years ago? ...
  3. It's clear to me that this is what you were trying to bring up, but it's a bit of an exaggeration to say that this is the only person you saw who smeared so much and a bit of exaggeration in your response .. that's why I prefer not to get into my affairs .. try to answer every specific question and not get into other people's. .. Also maybe there is a plan to switch to a 4K screen .. and if the jump is such a significant performance .. maybe it will really be possible to play 4K at 144 Hz properly stable over time ..
  4. As the saying goes, always the best answer about the fact that in life you have never seen anything in particular, so my answer is that there is always a first time. And no, that's not really a bad thing ... it's true that there is always new hardware around the corner, but there were also situations where people were a few months away from the departure of a new generation, which promised a big and very noticeable improvement over what they planned to purchase, so it was really better Wait because the improvement brought to them is really great. As for the 4000, it's a pretty huge aspect, 70% above 3090 is something you do not do even in two years I think .. So ... this is not something just more powerful, but something much more powerful .. and by and large the computer is not urgent for me here And now, even though I do want him because I've been waiting quite a bit but it's not super critical .. I understand that something new is always coming out, but still more than happy if you get out of my affairs and concentrate on yours. Thanks.
  5. What does it matter? I'm talking here net about the video card and not about the whole computer .. screen will be 1440P or 4K one of the two ..
  6. So the bottom line is worth the wait or buy 3080? If we have not bought a computer for several years ..
  7. But you said that new video cards and processors will not be out until 2022 .. right? Right now for your taste - is it worth buying the current generation or should you wait a bit if possible? Suppose 3080. Does such a huge improvement over 3090 really make sense?
  8. So the only option is just a lab? There are some videos on YouTube that show how to replace a PCB or move the head from the brace itself .. only by chance my head was already in place .. and there were some that managed to fix somehow.
  9. I have an external hard drive that largely came from an author .. and is not detected at all and also ticked .. not detected in disk management either .. nor in information recovery software like Minitool. Ideas? I thought about the options of physically opening it and started trying it, but there seems to be nothing to do too ... I realized that you can try to replace the PCB board, and by and large I have a hard drive from the same manufacturer that is similar but from a different series ... so I do not know Exactly what is the point of trying this. Going to a lab is less ideal because it is not cheap.
  10. There is the cheaper S2721 .. and both 1440P if you are already really taking one screen for a decade .. Look for 4K 144HZ
  11. Looks nice .. but not cheap at all .. Not sold right now right?
  12. I do have knowledge in hardware and assembly .. You just know .. Buying such a system without feeling that you have something available here in the country is a bit of a bad feeling maybe .. Anyway I came across something that surprised me - there are quite a few reports with such with processors from the series 5000 who are having problems at the moment .. crashes etc. Even after BIOS updates and on expensive boards ... apparently my thought here has started to become a reality .. and the processor itself was purchased from abroad ... and processors do not tend to spoil almost in a big way ..
  13. Due to the current situation of the video cards and the processors and their availability in the country, in the end I got to order a card + processor from Niueg .. Now, the system on the surface will be expensive .. Over 10K NIS probably ... and now if I order the other components as well Maniog .. I will probably be able to save a total of something like 1000 NIS .. maybe a little less maybe a little more .. Anyway, I wanted to hear your opinion because just somewhere I feel so uncomfortable to purchase a system for such an amount without any warranty in the country ... but I thought of purchasing some of the components here in Israel, even though they are a little more expensive .. like a board, etc .. In Israel it is not much expensive, just by weighting .. EVGA and the warranty should not be such a big headache .. Anyway in the country I probably will not have a warranty if in the end I will order everything from there .. What do you think anyway? Probably it was also caused as a result of today's situation .. Regarding the motherboard - I prefer Buy X1000 since it is 570X, although I know there are B5900 boards that are newer and more up to date .. but the preference is X550 .. and the question is - is it necessarily worth investing quite a bit of money in the board if it does not receive an upgrade in the future ? Since at the moment the socket has probably finished its way .. there are specific components since you would offer to purchase in the country despite everything? Thanks.
  14. How is this version? Because there is also FTW3 in terms of noise and all around
  15. Not really accurate ^ I realized somewhere that all the memory allocated on PS5 goes to the operating system as well and not just for running the game .. so that's why they wanted to put more significant VRAM in it ..
  16. ^ Also from my personal experience .. VRAM usually costs more in game settings when raising textures and less resolution ...
  17. I do remember cards from a few years ago, which came out with certain models and then came out more refurbished models only with more VRAM memory. Probably then maybe at the time it had a little less meaning .. but today the titles are also different and even heavier also later .. Most people from abroad and on such and such sites think that such an amount of memory will not be good for future looking ... if so it has Reason I guess ... there are those who also think differently but the rabbi thinks it will not be enough.
  18. The part that interests me is also the sector of regular use of the computer and the daily .. However with 144 Hz the difference is very large .. So I wonder if there will be an improvement of 240 Hz in this sector as well ..
  19. Many also thought in the past that the eye is not able to see more than 60 frames until we try 240hz.
  20. The truth is I also thought to consider one of these or go for 4K 144HZ .. Do not you think that 240hz will bring more space in the future? Are there really any stock issues with them in the country? Just the part about HDR seems to me that the Dell is not really outstanding .. since it is an HDR400 .. I also saw that a new Predator screen was recently released at 1440P.
  21. It's just stupid that they give these middle cards more VRAM than they gave to 3080 ...
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