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  1. I'm probably checking for the 980 PRO with 2TB.

    In Israel it is about 300-400 NIS more expensive than abroad but the warranty is probably problematic .. although it is a component that should be reliable ..

    what do you think?


    Here in the country there is a good price only for the 1TB volume of this drive, or at this price I will already go for the 2TB Gen3.



  2. Quote of jackhammer

    In this prey of prices, every store does what it wants and people will buy anything that moves just because there is no other alternative.

    Even 20th generation cards have disappeared from the shelves.

    10th generation tickets are sold at their original prices when they came out (about 30 years ago ....)

    There is not much to do because there is currently no other option.


    What I do hope to see is that the stock in this generation will continue to be even worse! Let there be 0 in stores. That all the miners will take all the tickets and all the laptops!

    Maybe that's how it's going to get NVIDIA's attention and estimate enough to do something about it so that the tickets get into the hands of gamers.

    This generation is already pretty lost ... even if there will suddenly be stock in stores, the prices are so inflated that it is already delusional.

    So for my part the situation will get 10 times worse in this generation that they will make all the mistakes now so that they will learn the lessons and correct for the next generation.


    I tried to ignore it but it just attracts a response ..

    10th generation 30 years ago? I did not know that tickets from 1990 are sold at the original price today.

    I think you exaggerated a bit .. Although they are not the newest but to say that they came out 30 years ago? ...


  3. Quote of ch33


    I did not say it was a bad thing. I gave you a perspective in order to help because I see you appear in a lot of threads and ask different people similar questions.

    If that's the reaction, then I'll really stop trying to help.


    It's clear to me that this is what you were trying to bring up, but it's a bit of an exaggeration to say that this is the only person you saw who smeared so much and a bit of exaggeration in your response .. that's why I prefer not to get into my own business .. . 

    Also maybe there is a plan to move to the screen .. and if the jump is so significant in performance .. maybe it will really be possible to play At 144 Hz properly stable over time ..


  4. Quote of ch33

    @zone glideI'll come out here a little nec and tell you something from a place of "teaching you". The problem with your indecision stems from a lack of experience in the hardware world. You can always wait and there is always something around the corner.


    Wait for the RTX4080, you'll get another nec message in the face in January 2022 that it's actually the 5080 and the next product from AMD This is the real thing and there will be a huge jump in performance. Or you might just wait for the 3080 with more VRAM because it's terribly important and yet we want to own a computer for two whole decades, just do not forget that until there is such a card, already just around the corner will be 3080 Ti SuperDuper or any other invented Anodia So maybe wait a little longer.


    I remember you even a year ago asking about upgrading your antique computer, I guess at the time you did not upgrade because you decided to wait for the next generation, now you are again considering waiting for the next generation. Buy what you need and stop letting the people here get you anxious about what will come in two years. No matter what you choose to buy and when, within 6-12 months something will come that will make your purchase look funny. I bought a 3060 ti and actually got a 2080 super that someone else paid for maybe a few months ago Dual. And next year my card will also be embarrassed in the benchmarks by a card that costs half. That's what it's, this's the world of hardware, if you can not get it do not buy Technology


    If you've gotten this far, it's my schneckel about your situation once and for all because in real life I've never seen a person who smears a purchase of hardware so much, and cares so much about it.

    As the saying goes, always the best answer about the fact that in life you have never seen anything in particular, so my answer is that there is always a first time. :)

    And no, that's not a bad thing at all ...

    It is true that there is always new hardware around the corner, but there were also situations where people were a few months away from the exit of a new generation, which promised a big and very noticeable improvement from what they planned to purchase, so it was really better for them to wait.

    Here for the 4000 it is a pretty huge aspect, 70% above 3090 is something you do not do even within two years I think ..

    So ... this is not just something stronger, but something much stronger ..

    And by and large the computer is not urgent for me here and now, even though I do want it because I have been waiting quite a bit but it is not super critical ..

    I understand that something new is always coming out, but still more than happy if you get out of my affairs and concentrate on yours. Thanks.


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  5. Quote of Kfir

    Yes makes sense 
    1. The competition against Intel Opens Burners, who realizes a new kid is entering the market 
    2. 8K in the masks already here it means more power needed
    3. All this is not worth much without solving problems in screens and video cards, do not give us good pixels 

    There is no quality UPSCALE 

    No monitors and video cards above 12 BIT (and screens up to 10 BIT barely)

    NO graphic cards With a built-in REC 2020 color palette  
    The quality of the shades of the color is also weak, there is no color space (the whole story of a billion colors does not look good)

    Constantly thinking about some FPS and that's it 

    So the bottom line is worth the wait or buy 3080?

    If we have not bought a computer for several years ..


  6. Quote of nec_000

    Why but open double chains?

    It makes us a bit of a mess to go through everything like that.


    ** Lior Matuta - one all together for a single thread on RTX4000.

    But you said that new video cards and processors will not be out until 2022 .. right?

    Right now for your taste - is it worth buying the current generation or should you wait a bit if possible?

    Let's say 3080.

    Does such a huge improvement over 3090 really make sense?


  7. I have an external hard drive that largely came from a friend .. and is not recognized at all and is also ticking ..

    Not detected in disk management either .. nor in data recovery software like Minitool.



    I thought about the options of physically opening it and started trying it, but there seems to be nothing to do too much ...

    I realized that you can try to replace the PCB board, and by and large I have a hard drive from the same manufacturer that is similar to it but from a different series ... so I do not know exactly what is the point of trying it.


    Going to a lab is less than ideal because it is not cheap.


  8. I do have knowledge in hardware and assembly .. you just know .. buying such a system without feeling that you have something available here in the country is a feeling not a bit the best maybe ..

    Anyway, I came across something that surprised me - there are quite a few reports with such people From the 5000 series that are having problems at the moment ... crashes, etc.

    Even after BIOS updates and on expensive boards ...


    Apparently my thought here has started to become a reality .. and the processor itself was purchased from abroad ... and processors do not tend to spoil almost in a big way ..


  9. Due to the current situation of video cards and processors and their availability in the country, I finally got to order a card + processor from Niue ..

    Now, the system on the face of it will be expensive .. probably over 10K NIS ... and now if I order the other components from Niagag as well .. I will probably be able to save a total of something like 1000 NIS ..

    Maybe a little less maybe a little more ..


    Anyway, I wanted to hear your opinion because just somewhere I feel so uncomfortable to purchase a system for such a sum without any warranty in the country ... but I thought to purchase here in the country some of the components even though a little more expensive ..

    Like a board, etc .. in Israel it is not much expensive, just by weighting .. it comes out around 1000 NIS ..


    Although on the face of it the video card is of And the warranty should not be such a big headache .. In any case in Israel I probably will not have a warranty if in the end I do order everything from there ..

    What do you think anyway? Apparently it was also caused as a result of the current situation .. 


    As for the motherboard - I prefer to purchase Since this is a 5900X, although I know there are B550 boards that are newer and more up to date .. but the preference is .. and the question is - is it necessarily worth investing quite a bit of money in the board if it does not receive an upgrade in the future? Since at the moment the socket has probably finished its way ..


    Are there specific components since you would offer to purchase in the country in spite of everything?



  10. Quote of OR2OOO

    I'm the guy :) 

    The reason for the price is that I am not stressed about the money and the card sits and does nothing.

    Rather find him a new home and make someone happy.


    I just exchanged the 2070 Super for 3080, I sold the 2070 Super for 1,000 NIS to someone I know who can not afford a ticket at the normal prices on the market and since I know how much he likes to play on the computer and never played properly .


    Attaches my new toy (my I7 8700K reward limits me on Cyberpunk 2077 and I'm on OC to 4.7GHz).



    How is this version? Because there is also FTW3

    In terms of noise and everything around

  11. Quote of ch33

    The big leap is in 4K (despite nec's strange insistence that resolution has no effect on VRAM consumption, as he himself uses data that contradicts that statement). To say in a sweeping way that less than 10GB would not be relevant, seems to me early. What is the percentage of users with 4K screens?


    It's also worth delving a little beyond that. What was the VRAM consumption of the craziest games 4,5 years ago? How far have we progressed since then?

    And in general, how is this number tested? Software like hwinfo and afterburner even tell the user that the number they display is the number assigned in memory and not what is necessarily used. To make the difference between assignment and use you need some tool of the graphics engine itself, maybe if there is a debugging tool or something like that. Somehow I doubt that these tests do not simply report the number that appears in the afterburner.


    I do remember tickets from a few years ago, which came out with certain models and then came out more refurbished models only with more VRAM.

    Apparently maybe back then it had a little less meaning .. but today the titles are also different and even heavier in the future ..

    Even most people from abroad and on such and such sites think that such an amount of It will not be good for future looking ... if there is a reason for that I guess ...

    There are those who also think differently but the rabbi thinks it will not be enough.

    And if most of them think so including some surveys of all kinds ... worth checking it out again ...


  12. The truth is I also thought to consider one of these or go for it 144HZ ..

    Don't you think 240hz will bring more space in the future?

    Are there really any stock issues with them in the country?


    Just the part about me It seems to me that the Dell is not really outstanding .. since it is an HDR400 ..

    I also saw that a new Predator screen was recently released at 1440P.


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